Whatever Happened To Mitch Boehm?

Motorcyclist's former editor takes on a new role as publisher of Moto Retro Illustrated

Long-time readers surely remember Mitch Boehm, who edited Motorcyclist for 13 years and put out three issues of Motorcyclist Retro in '08 before upper management shelved that project due to the ongoing recession. But Boehm believes so fiercely in the vintage market that he's taken the concept private with an all-new magazine titled Moto Retro Illustrated, due out this summer.

"The baby-boom retro market isn't just large," Boehm told us, "but absolutely nuts about the time period we're covering: dirt and streetbike culture from 1965-'85, when motorcycling exploded in the U.S." Japanese bikes will be the primary focus on the street side, while the European brands-Bultaco, Husqvarna, Maico, etc.-will have a significant presence in the dirt along with the Honda Elsinores, Suzuki TMs, Kawasaki KXs and Yamaha YZs. The magazine will also cover the great mini-bikes of that era.

According to Boehm, Moto Retro Illustrated will start out quarterly, but could go bi-monthly if business is good. Subscriptions and single copies are now available online at www.motoretroillustrated.com, and the magazine will also be sold by select motorcycle dealers.

"The Butcher" is back at his PC, publishing his own vintage magazine. If you liked Motorcyclist Retro, you'll surely enjoy Moto Retro Illustrated.