VIDEO First Ride: 2016 Honda RC213V-S

We hit the Valencia circuit in Spain for this Video First Ride of Honda’s MotoGP race replica.

Here’s a fun fact; the name of this bike isn’t actually pronounced “RC-two-thirteen-V.” It’s actually supposed to be said, “RC-twenty-one-three-V” which stands for the third iteration of the RCV MotoGP bike in the 21st century. There’s something you can throw at your friends next time you get together to watch MotoGP!

Name notwithstanding, this is a bike to make all other bikes look silly. It is a super-exotic, almost unobtainable slice of engineering from deep inside the magical walls of Honda Racing Corporation. It's $184,000 and they will produce fewer than 250 units. Most will probably be confined to museums or private collections, but if you're lucky enough to ride one you will understand that it is an incomparable motorcycling experience.