UniBat Brings Its Powersports Batteries to the US

UniBat is now importing a full lineup of AGM batteries to fit all popular motorcycles. Will its umbrella girls follow? We can only hope!

UniBat AGM replacement battery
American riders now have a new option when it comes to buying a replacement battery: UniBat.©Motorcyclist
UniBat umbrella girl
UniBat sponsors the Factory Ducati MotoGP team. You’re forgiven if you haven’t noticed the logo before—the Desmosedici GP16s are blindingly fast and the umbrella girls just make it hard to focus in general.©Motorcyclist

American riders now have a new option when it comes to buying a replacement battery: UniBat. UniBat is a 70-year-old family operated Italian company, and after becoming Europe’s leading powersports battery manufacturer the firm has set its sites on the vast US motorcycle market.

To that end UniBat is offering free ground shipping to the lower 48 states (from its warehouse in Texas) and providing a 3-year unconditional warranty. UniBat is importing an array of AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries to fit all popular makes and models, as well as the company’s proprietary waterproof Unicharger battery charger.

UniBat AGM battery
If you learned nothing else today, you learned that “batteria” is Italian for battery. This cutaway show’s a typical AGM battery’s guts. UniBat says its plate design and manufacturing techniques is the key to the company’s ultra-low return rate.©Motorcyclist

UniBat says its prices average about 10 to 20 percent less than the competition’s (read: Yuasa) while offering superior quality and durability. To help reduce costs UniBat’s batteries are “non-factory activated.” That means adding acid—which comes in a pre-portioned package—yourself. You’ll also have to charge the battery. That may sound like a pain, but it means you get a totally fresh battery. A factory-filled and charged battery is convenient, but you have no idea how old it is or how long it’s been self-discharging on a shelf somewhere.

To learn more about UniBat or to buy a battery, visit unibatus.com.