On Two Wheels Or Three, 70 Is The New 50

Is 70 the new 50? Can you laugh in the face of $5 gas? Are three wheels better than four? Yes, Yes and Most Definitely Yes.

To prove that age and adventure aren't mutually exclusive, two 70+ year-old lifelong moto enthusiasts are tackling the 3,400-mile Lincoln Highway starting this Friday, June 13, onboard fuel efficient, three-wheel Piaggio MP3 scooters. Their goal is to spread the message that growing old doesn't mean sacrificing what you love - you just need to adjust your equipment a bit. And when it comes to prolonging one's passion for riding, nothing beats a machine that's fast (top speed 92 mph), fun (leans up to 40 degrees like a sports bike) and stable and easy to ride as only a three-wheel scooter can be.

Adventure motorcycle riders Dr. Bernie 'Buddy' Rosenbaum and Robert Chase are lifelong friends who have been obsessed with motorcycling for decades. They were the first to ride across Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They've ridden in Kashmir on the world's highest-altitude road, above the Arctic Circle, on the Equator and at the tip of Africa. Buddy and Bob are the poster boys for today's fit, active, high-energy 'mature' adults who don't want to give up a thing - especially riding. So, when their sport touring bikes started to feel a bit heavier than they used to, Rosenbaum stopped by Piaggio's offices in New York to give president Paolo Timoni his thoughts on why the MP3 might just be the perfect solution.

The pair leave Lincoln Square in San Francisco at Noon PST on June 13, pointed toward Times Square, New York City, the official terminus of the Lincoln Highway. Thanks to some innovative mapping technology, everyone's invited along real-time - the two riders will geoblog their way east, posting their adventures and experiences at . Images, interviews and web content are available to media.

With Piaggio scooter sales up a blistering 105% in May alone, it's clear that more Americans are feeling the pinch at the pump. But, while the fuel price story will continue to drive new consumers to scooters, the MP3 is much more than alternative transportation - for older riders, it's the ideal machine for enjoying one of life's greatest pleasures well beyond the retirement years.