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A handy container of powerful cleaning wipes

In the past, I've used restaurant-style handy wipes to give my hands a quick cleaning while I'm in the midst of a project in the shop. But the little paper towels don't dissolve grime very well and tend to tear.

The solvent-soaked rags in Tub O'Towels are designed specifically for the kind of tough cleanup tasks I was demanding of those feeble little BBQ wipes. The shop-size Tub O'Towels contains 90 10 x 12-inch towels saturated in a proprietary cleaning solution that knocks out oil, grease, chain grime, brake dust, and everything else I've encountered in the garage. They're durable, too. I'll often stuff lightly soiled towels back in the neck of the tub for reuse later.

The manufacturer, Federal Process Corporation, says the towels will clean up paint, wax, ink, adhesive residues, and many other troublesome substances commonly encountered in the home and workshop. Skin conditioners, including lanolin, aloe vera, and vitamin E are mixed in with the solvents, so the towels don't dry your hands out.

The drum has found a home on my workbench and comes with me when I travel to the track due to the simple fact that the towels are incredibly effective. This "tub" is available for $14.99, or you can pick up a smaller, 40-towel "tube" for $6.99, and individually packaged towels are also available. Whichever size you buy, you're likely to become a repeat customer. These towels work nearly as well as soap and water, and they work on more than just your hands.

PRICE: $15
CONTACT: tubotowels.com

Almost as good as soap and water but a lot more convenient.

Tub o Towels MC Test