Top Commuter Mods for the Ducati Multistrada Motorcycle

Prepping the Multistrada for the daily commute and the occasional skip day.

This looks like more fun than sitting behind a desk.Photo: Ducati

What makes a good commuter bike? One that makes you a bad employee! We've all had those morning rides that are just too good to be spoiled by a day at the office. The Ducati Multistrada is a great long distance bike, but even on short blasts to work, its desmo twin encourages playing hooky—not to mention some light wheelying, apex hunting, and other juvenile behavior in which we motorcyclists have been know to indulge. If you actually make it to the office, here are a few mods that might help you on your way.

Barkbusters is synonymous with hand/lever protection.Photo: Barkbusters

Barkbusters Handguards ($105): The Multistrada's stock handguards will keep the wind off, but won't provide a lot of protection in case of a tip-over. Rather than replacing the stock units, which incorporate the turn signals, Barkbusters handguards fit around the stock setup, so no wiring or modification has to be done. Barkbusters provide top-class impact protection and are easy to install.

Auxiliary lights are not inexpensive, but are worth it in low-light conditions.Photo: Touratech

Touratech Auxiliary Fog Lights ($249 each): Keeping the road illuminated in low-visibility conditions, Touratech's fog lights are a good idea for all-weather commuters and those looking for added visibility.

Nearly-invisible film comes in four pieces to protect the Multistrada’s tank from abrasive riding gear.Photo: Tankslapper

Tankslapper Tank Protector ($51): A lot of protective gear features abrasive material, like Cordura, that can easily mar a motorcycle's paint job, but many riders forgo tank protectors because they detract from the lines of the bike. Keep a stock appearance while offering protection with Tankslapper's nearly invisible protectors. Available in several materials, the films adhere to the bike's surface securely but are easily peeled off.

Crashbars are more affordable than replacing roadrash-ed plastic.Photo: SW Motech

SW-MOTECH Crash Bars ($260): Crash bars that protect the Ducati's vital parts and expensive plastic are a good idea if you commute in congested areas. SW-MOTECH aluminum bars are easy to install and can save you big in case of a get-off. They also look pretty cool.