Third Annual Indy Mad Max Motorcycle Run 2016

What A Lovely Day For a Post-Apocalyptic-Themed Ride

Mad Max riders pulling into the first stop of the day.
Mad Max riders pulling into the first stop of the day.©Motorcyclist

What a day! What a lovely day! Last month in Indiana's capital, bikers from multiple states came dressed in their craziest post-apocalyptic gear and rode shiny and chrome through Indianapolis to the gates of Valhalla for the third annual Indy Mad Max Run (see them on Facebook here). Awards were given for best apocalyptically dressed, and best apocalypse-themed motorcycle, war rig, or war machine.

60 riders at Mad Max Run
Over 60 riders came to battle the rain during this year’s Indy Mad Max Run.©Motorcyclist
Aprilia and the War Bus
Aprilia posed next to the War Bus with the War Bus driver standing guard©Motorcyclist

I rode down from Chicago in a highly customized school bus since my personal bike isn't even remotely cool enough to be seen next to the entire kick- ass that the other wastelanders spent months creating. We scared more than a few people while cruising down I-65 the night before in the rolling death machine, aptly named the Daddy War Bus. The bus was donned with a deadly spiked cattle guard in the front and a few 50 caliber rifles sticking out of the window. Inside is a large arsenal of weapons from grenade launchers to AK-47's and everything in between. The owner of the bus supplies movies with these realistically fake weapons.

fake arsenal at Mad Max Run
Katrina McQuade and Ryan Pfister cruising with a large arsenal on the Rat Max got engaged during the event. Congratulations guys. Stay shiny and chrome.©Motorcyclist

Seth Mansue is the creator of the event and got his idea from a group of guys in Milwaukee (see Milwaukee Mad Max Run here on Facebook) who is led by Cormac Kehoe. Cormac and his crew came up with the idea about 10 years and have been doing it ever since. Most of the Milwaukee guys come down to Indianapolis to join in the marauds and the Indy guys do the same. Both events are usually run within a few weeks of each other.

Richie Riot on Rat Bastard
Richie Riot rode down from Philadelphia and spent three hours in the downpour trying to fix his water-flooded carbs on his bike named "The Rat Bastard".©Motorcyclist

The ride started at 11 at Get Bent Custom Cycles and concluded with a post-war party at the Melody Inn (

Unlike the movie, we had no problem with water as it rained the entire time but that didn’t stop nearly 60 riders to don their gear and live life in a post-apocalyptic world for a day.

Scott Boers creating a smokescreen on his Yamaha track bike
Scott Boers creating a smokescreen on his Yamaha track bike to conceal the movements of the rest of the tribe.©Motorcyclist
Mad Max Run
Official War Boar, Seth Hutchunson and War Bus driver, Matthew Stratton taking a break from operating Daddy War Bus to watch the scene.©Motorcyclist
Terrorizing the streets of Indianapolis.
Terrorizing the streets of Indianapolis.©Motorcyclist
Warchild's compound bow
Cormac Kehoe getting uncomfortably close to the sharp end of a Warchild's compound bow.©Motorcyclist
Teddy bears at Mad Max Run
Even teddy bears, AKA Titty Bear, are discomforting during the apocalypse.©Motorcyclist
Bent Custom Cycles
The cold and rain was slightly relieved with free coffee courtesy of Bent Custom Cycles.©Motorcyclist
Katrina McQuade
Katrina McQuade might look gorgeous but she will happily bash you with her spark plug studded bat if you get out of line.©Motorcyclist
9th Circle Symphony
Dru Cadaver of 9th Circle Symphony ( belts out some serious Post Apocalyptic Punk Metal tunes at the Melody Inn.©Motorcyclist