Team Punisher Puts Aprilia in 200 MPH Club

Courtesy of AF1 Racing

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Team Punisher is pleased to announce that its AF1 Racing sponsored/ Aprilia RSV Factory v-twin has now joined the prestigious 200mph club at The Texas Mile. The 200.8 mph record run sets a new high mark in standing mile race competition for 2-cylinder motorcycles of any displacement, at any venue.

The record-breaking top speed was achieved at the semi-annual Texas Mile speed event held at the Chase Field Industrial and Airport Complex in Beeville, Texas, approximately 100 miles southeast of San Antonio.

Known simply as 'The Punisher', the 1060cc Aprilia-Rotax v-twin engine demonstrated its legendary performance and reliability in the dyno room and on the track. Built by Team Punisher of Southern California, and tuned by AF1 Racing of New Braunfels, TX on their Factory Pro eddy current dyno, the 60 degree DOHC v-twin engine produced well over 250 true rear wheel horsepower used to propel the sleek Italian rocket down the course. Credit the Rotrex centrifugal supercharger and Nitrous Express progressively controlled nitrous oxide system for impressive yet tractable power.

The physics of land speed racing demand not only power but also extra attention to friction reduction and aerodynamics. Microblue Racing ( of Denver, North Carolina micropolished and then applied their patented coating process to select internal engine components plus wheel bearings for maximum friction reduction. This processing alone accounted for a substantial amount of the 8mph improvement in speed achieved since the previous March, 2011 effort at the Texas Mile event in Goliad, TX.

Aerodynamic improvements were designed in consultation with turbulent flow specialist Professor Laurence Armi of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and then transformed into reality through the expert craftsmanship of Scripps Development Engineer and teammate David Malmberg. David's creative application of home improvement building materials (shower enclosure paneling from Home Depot) provided the performance edge needed to break the 200 mph barrier.

"This exceptional result is the outcome of a 3 year development effort between Team Punisher (Marc Rittner-San Dimas, CA, David Malmberg - Leucadia, CA, Micah Shoemaker / AF1 Racing - New Braunfels, TX), and a long list of trusted suppliers. Everything about this race bike was custom built by necessity, and the contribution of every component was critical. The difference between success (200.8 mph) and failure (199.9 mph) was only 0.45%", said Marc Rittner, Team Punisher principal/builder.

"We set this record under very challenging conditions. Dealing with high cross-wind conditions, chassis setup, power adders, and advanced electronics put tremendous pressure on the team to make the final run count. I am very proud of the way our Team performed, and what we have accomplished."

Team Punisher with their Land Speed Record Aprilia: Marc Rittner (l), David Malmberg (c), Micah Shoemaker (r)
Team Punisher launches its record run in the crisp early Texas dawn. Pilot: David Malmberg