Suzuki Launches New Cruiser Motorcycle Brand: Boulevard

Suzuki comes back to the cruiser motorcycle market with a new "Boulevard" brand that brings new bikes, new ideas and new commitment.

Signaling a new commitment to the large and growing cruiser segment of the motorcycle market, Suzuki has rolled out a new brand. The Boulevard series of cruisers will include updated and redesignated versions of all of Suzuki's current cruiser models, and comes with the promise that Suzuki will introduce a new Boulevard motorcycle every year for the next few years. That commitment starts with a new 800 coming in early 2005, two touring-oriented bikes shortly after and a 1700 for the 2006 model year.

Coming on the heels of Suzuki's successful pushes for sportbikes and quads, the Boulevard roll-out brings aggressive programs and approaches on several fronts. First, Suzuki is redesignating its cruisers, the old Intruder, Marauder, Volusia, and Savage names are history. In their places are Mercedes-like alphanumeric designations based on the cruiser type—C for classically styled machines, M for musclebikes and performance-oriented cruisers, and S for the skinny chopperesque machines that used to be called Intruders—and displacement in cubic inches. Therefore a the classically styled 800 update of the Volusia is the C50. The new version of the 800 Intruder is the S50, and the new bike that will replace the Marauder 800 is the M50. The new version of the classically wide Intruder 1500 LC is the C90. The 1400 Intruder gets some styling tweaks and and an S83 designation. The similarly styled 650cc single formerly known as Savage is now S40. If the Kawasaki-built Marauder 1600 comes back in 2005—and Suzuki is not certain about Kawasaki's plans or what the bike will look like—it will do so as the M95.

With the stage set by a new approach, Suzuki will roll out new cruisers starting in December with touring-oriented versions of the C90 and C50. The C90T and C50T will get windshields, leather bags, sissybars, and whitewall tires. Early in 2005, it will roll out the Boulevard M50, the replacement for the Marauder 800. Though it shares the Marauder's street-rod style and same basic engine, the M50, like the C50, gets a sophisticated fuel injection, shaft final drive instead of the Marauder's chain, and a hardtail-style single-shock frame from the C50. Next year, Suzuki will roll out the M105, a 1700cc performance cruiser. The company talks about "Suzuki DNA," which it says will bring new levels of engineering, performance, handling, and value to cruisers.

Beyond the motorcycles, Suzuki is seeking to embrace cruiser enthusists. The company is pushing its dealers to devote more resources to Boulevard products and accessories—everything from apparel to finish-care products—and support for cruiser lifestyle experiences to give their customers more reasons to ride. The Boulevard announcement has been over three years in preparation.

The Boulevard M50 will be the first all-new bike in Suzuki's new cruisaer line. The 805cc machine brings fuel injection, shaft drive, and fresh styling.
Replacing the Intruder 1400, the S83 loses the sissybar, gets a new seat, and improves the ergonomics with a flat handlebar.
The bike that was the Volusia, now the C50, is fuel injected, further improving one of the most popular 800-class cruisers.
The Boulevard S50 still has the carbs of the Intruder 800 it replaces, but the styling has been cleaned up. The tool kit that used to live in the sissybar now resides in a faux airbox on the right side.
Styled more like the Volusia, the 1500, now the C90, also gets fuel injection and a wider handlebar.