2018 Yamaha Zuma 50FX/F

Making maximum mileage

2018 Yamaha Zuma 50FX
2018 Yamaha Zuma 50FXCRS

Next time your neighbors with their fancy hybrid brag about getting 44 mpg, show them your Zuma 50FX, along with a superiorly casual reference to its 132-mpg fuel economy rating. (That’s fully three times more efficient than a lowly hybrid…and more fun too!) Responsible for this fuel-efficient goodness is the Zuma’s little three-valve, 49cc, four-stroke engine that’s aided by fuel injection, electronic ignition, liquid-cooling, and a fully automatic V-belt CVT transmission.

As you might suspect, the little Zuma is not freeway legal, and with its small 10-inch-diameter wheels and compact 50.4-inch wheelbase, it’s not engineered for high speeds whatsoever. Instead, the Zuma is designed for low-speed, around-town duty. Style-wise, the Zuma 50FX looks like a scooterized sportbike, with aggressive bodywork and available Heat Red paint, five-spoke cast aluminum wheels, a drilled petal-style front brake rotor, and a miniature handlebar-mounted bikini fairing. Meanwhile the Zuma 50F goes rogue with dual headlights, a blackout fork and rims, and a rear rack.

Likes: Super easy to use, superior fuel economy

Dislikes: The 10-inch tires don't manage road irregularities well

Verdict: Tons of tech in a lightweight scooter

2018 Yamaha Zuma 50FX/F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $2,599