Special Edition Bonneville & Speed Triple for 2012

Like Steve McQueen

For those who dream of owning the Trophy TR6 that almost cleared the barbed-wire fence in The Great Escape, a Steve McQueen Edition Bonneville is the next-best thing. There's a 2012 T100 under that matte Khaki Green paint and mil-spec Triumph fuel-tank stencils. This one gets a solo seat and skidplate, along with a smaller retro headlight, various stealthy blacked-out bits and McQueen's signature on each side cover. Only 1100 examples will break out of Triumph's Hinckley works, as evidenced by a numbered badge on the handlebar clamp.

Not into retro bikes? How about a sharper, upscale version of the infamous Speed Triple streetfighter? Rolling in on five-spoke forged-aluminum PVM wheels—allegedly weighing 3.7 lbs. less than the standard-issue cast hoops—suspension is upgraded to an Öhlins 43mm NIX30 fork and TTX36 shock. Brembo four-pot Monobloc calipers stop the show on cue. Switchable ABS is optional. If Steve McQueen were alive today, this is what he’d be riding.