Safer Night Riding With An H7 Headlight Upgrade

Low-Cost Mods: Does a new Philips H7 X-tremeVision improve the typical throw distance of a stock motorcycle H7 headlight?

Motorcycle headlights are a mixed bag in performance. Right out of the box, some manufacturers get it right or close enough to right that you wouldn't bother fooling with a replacement. The Philips H7 is a common bulb, but it's available in several models. In this brief comparison video, Motorcyclist video contributor Paul Bertorelli tries out the H7 X-tremeVision 100% in place of a stock H7. As the video shows, the X-tremeVision is definitely brighter and for under $50, many riders will find it worth the investment.

As mods go, this one is about as simple as it gets: Pop out the old lamps and pop in the new and go ride. As you’ll see in the video, the measured brightness of the X-tremeVision 100% is nearly double and it’s slightly bluer and cooler than the stock H7 it replaces. Despite the greater brightness, the bulb runs no hotter at idle or in motion than the stock H7.