MC Tested: Rev’It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants

Well thought-out gear with a lot of clever and effective features.

Rev’It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants Review
With the Rev’It Neptune GTX jacket and pants, versatility has proven to be the top quality during Tiffani’s extensive travels.Motorcyclist

Since I started long-distance touring, if I've learned one thing during my travels, it's the importance of gear that can hold up in any climate and any season. And if there's one place where the Rev'It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants really shine, it's versatility.

As winter was fast approaching on the East Coast, I knew that rain was going to be a constant battle, so I didn’t want to compromise for anything less than GORE-TEX waterproofing. The Neptune line of gear offers a high-density outer shell with Teflon coating, GORE-TEX membrane with Paclite, and a detachable thermal liner, so no matter how intense the wind and rain got, I always stayed dry. This was especially valuable when the weather started to regularly dip into the mid-to-low 30s, and staying dry could have been the difference between simple discomfort and hypothermia. The internal thermal liners and the jacket’s Paclite GORE-TEX shell did an impressive job of blocking wind, making even the coldest days only mildly uncomfortable at worst. I can honestly say I’ve never been so warm moving at 75 mph on a rainy, 35-degree morning.

Rev’It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants Review
The Neptune incorporates a detachable jacket liner that features a genuine GORE-TEX layer—a big plus that carried much influence in the selection process.Motorcyclist

But not every day would be a freezing, wet nightmare. So it was important that once the winter weather subsided, I could still keep going with the same gear. As I dipped into southern Texas and New Mexico, temperatures quickly climbed into the 70s and 80s, even in winter months. With the thermal liner removed, you can open vents on each thigh, the chest, across the upper back, and along the forearms using the double zipper down to the wrists. These let an impressive amount of air flow into the jacket and pants, making even warmer days tolerable without having to sacrifice any protection.

Once the thermal liners are removed though, I found the material that lined both the Paclite GORE-TEX shell and the actual jacket would bunch up, making it somewhat of a pain to slide on and off even with my full-length base layers. But the function was worth the mild inconvenience.

As for pack-full-of-stuff-ability, the Jacket boasts two large pockets on the waist, as well as a hidden pocket on each liner, so if you remove one or all of the liners, you still have a hidden pocket to stash your precious items. The external pockets were easily large enough to stash your average cell phone and wallet, and I didn’t have to worry about having any of these things ruined by the constant rain, as they were flawlessly waterproof. The openings are also large enough to comfortably take things in and out even when wearing motorcycle gloves, making incredibly functional storage space. The pants have two deep pockets on the front, which are positioned so that objects stashed in the pockets don’t interfere with movement. I did find the large zipper teeth within the pants pockets to be a bit painful to get around, especially when my hands were cold and extra sensitive, but they did a good job of keeping things dry and out of the way.

Rev’It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants Review
Multiple vents allow the rider to adjust air flow according to ambient conditions.Motorcyclist

As useful as all of these creature comforts are, the real reason we buy motorcycle gear over, say, weather-proofed backpacking gear is for protection. Both garments boast SEEFLEX Level 2 CE Protection at the elbows, shoulders, and knees, SEEFLEX CE Level 1 type B armor at the hips, and an optional pocket to insert a back protector. Fortunately, I haven’t had any tumble tests this time around, but when I was going down a Texas Freeway and a careless construction truck lost a rebar rod that nailed me in the shin at 80 mph, I was more than a little grateful for the strength or their protection. The hit was still painful, but I left with little more than bruising. I don’t even want to think about what kind of damage that would have done otherwise!

That said, there are a few things that I'm less stoked about with this gear. Unfortunately, the fit didn't quite work for my proportions. The Euro sizing on the gear is substantially larger than the same sizes in other brands, which made ordering a bit difficult to begin with. While my upper body is pretty petite, my hips are fairly large for my frame, so in order to get a pair of pants that fit over my hips without restricting movement, especially with the addition of hip armor, I had to get a larger size than I would have liked. The pants offer sliding adjusters at the waist, but even at their tightest, I couldn't quite get the proper tightness to keep the pants where they should be when it came time to get off the bike and start setting up camp. The pants and jacket zip together, having large zippers along the waist of each garment, which definitely aided in my struggles with keeping my pants in the right spot. But when not in use, the zipper on the pants is a bit too large and close to the edge of the waistband, causing the zipper to occasionally cut into my side. The lower leg adjustments were much more affective for me though, as they flare out a bit, making it easy to fit boots under the pants, and there's a snap adjustment around the calf that helps for a more customized fit. I found I could fit my boots in easily and completely, leaving no room for cold and wetness to creep in.

Rev’It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants Review
The neck snaps shut, but has a sliding pin to allow for customized tightness around the neck.Motorcyclist

The jacket also offers a number of adjusters. The jacket has sliding adjusters at the waist, and zipper enclosures on each side for even more fine-tooth adjusting. The neck snaps shut, but has a sliding pin to allow for customized tightness around the neck. Additionally, there are snap closures on the bicep and forearm, and a Velcro wrist closure with plenty of range to fit different kinds of gauntlets. The jacket I was able to fit much more comfortably, although the proportions favor a bigger bust than I have and flair out more than I’d expect below the waist.

My only other complaint lies in the styling. Both pieces only come in Black, which, while an attractive color, doesn't do much for visibility. There is some reflective piping on the back and biceps of the jacket and the shin of the pants, but it's minimal and barely adequate if you get caught out at night. My riding partner told me that if not for my neon green and yellow helmet, he often wouldn't have been able to see me at all.

Rev’It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants Review
The external pockets are large enough to stash your average cell phone and wallet, and proved to be flawlessly waterproof.Motorcyclist

Additionally, the way the gear is fitted and layered, it does appear rather bulky. I was confused for a man (and a snowboarder) more than a few times. The fit is considered a “regular” fit, so I don’t expect it to be incredibly tight and trim, but there’s something a bit disheartening about feeling like I look much larger than I actually am. I may not have time to get all dress up and fancy on the road, but I still have at least a little vanity!

All in all, the Neptune gear is highly functional, highly effective, and has a lot of great features and protection for touring in a range of seasons and climates. For someone who fits the body type of the Rev’It model, this would be an incredible set of equipment.

Rev'It Neptune GTX Jacket and Pants
VERDICT: Well thought-out gear with lots of effective features, but limited color choices and a bulky fit.
MSRP: $599.99 (jacket); $449.99 (pants)