Retro-Fit Kit


The current economic recession means many older bikes are getting rejuvenated rather than recycled. Putting your high-school ride back into service as your daily commuter is a good idea, both for its financial and nostalgic reasons. But it might need some attention first. Here's an assortment of new stuff for your old bike.

Bikemaster Chargemaster
Just in time for winter, Bikemaster has released a new multi-function charger that's perfect for maintaining your bike's battery during long-term storage. Plug in the $89.94 Chargemaster 365TD and its advanced microprocessor analyzes the battery's "health" to determine which of its seven charge modes is needed to restore it to optimal condition. Lightly discharged batteries are fed a steady 14.4-volt diet, while severely drained batteries are treated to a pulsed high-voltage/high-frequency reconditioning treatment. Sound complicated? It's not. The Chargemaster is completely automated and simple to use, just like a battery charger should be.

T-Markus Customs Paint
With more than 20 years' experience doing restoration, OEM and custom paint applications, T. Markus Customs could publish an impressive coffee table book of its work. From complete recoats to minor touch-ups and decal applications, T. Markus is the top choice for demanding builders and collectors. All work is done in-house in the company's North Hollywood, California, facility using the finest materials and artists to produce the best in quality, originality and value. Pricing depends on the breadth of the project, so drop them a line to get an estimate.

Works Performance Shocks
Just because your motorcycle is 25 years old doesn't mean its shocks have to be. Improve the ride quality and control of your bike with Works Performance custom suspension components. Every Works shock is built to order based on the rider's weight, length requirements, chassis geometry and intended application. Options run the gamut from the $445 Gassers to the fully-adjustable, track-ready $1099 Pro Racers shown here. All shocks use the original hardware for easy installation.

K&N; High-Flow Air Filters
K&N; air filters have a long-standing reputation among racers and tuners, but they aren't just for horsepower hounds. They're also an economical choice for routine tune-ups. Whether you ride modern or vintage, a Harley, Honda or Husaberg, odds are there's a drop-in replacement filter to suit your needs. With better airflow, washable and reusable cotton-gauze pleating and the famous "Million Mile Warranty," a K&N; filter will last the life of your vehicle while providing excellent protection and a performance increase. Prices range from $50 to $60 depending on application.

Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators
The damper-rod forks found on many older bikes are notorious for being both too harsh and too easy to bottom; it's the nature of their fixed-orifice design. Race Tech's Gold Valve Emulators have been popular for years, but haven't been available for vintage bikes until now. The company recently expanded its product line to include emulators and performance springs for the smaller-diameter forks found on vintage and post-vintage machines. Emulator kits ($199.99) and springs ($109.99) are now available for '70s and '80s Japanese bikes, as well as some BMWs.

Motion Pro Custom Cables
Having trouble finding a replacement cable for your classic bike? From standard OE replacements for decades-old machines to custom cables for exotic project bikes, Motion Pro has you covered. Their custom cable shop has a comprehensive selection of housing styles, fittings and inner wires to suit all your needs. Send in your haggard original for reproduction, or even send a picture or drawing. For around $35 to $50, they'll build exactly what you need.

Haynes Service Manuals
Haynes service manuals are a must-have for the home mechanic. Every manual is based on the experience gleaned from a complete teardown and rebuild of the machine in question-a process that can take up to 30 weeks. Pictures detail every procedure, with tips to help DIYers avoid costly mistakes and circumvent buying expensive specialty tools. Also included are informative model histories, color wiring diagrams and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. At just $40, a Haynes service manual is the best investment a bike owner can make, and will pay for itself with your first tune-up.

Raask Rearsets
Made in Sweden, Raask rearsets offer modern comfort and adjustability without spoiling the image of your classic bike. Their simple, functional design and subtle finish make them great replacements for the battered perches on your older Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW or Triumph. The cast-aluminum and steel footpegs feature a knurled design for grip, and mount via black epoxy-painted alloy plates with the included hardware. Raask rearsets sell for $295 to $325 per set and are available in the U.S. through Omar's.

Sudco Carburetors
The stale smell emanating from the rusty insides of your CB750's fuel tank is the first indication it's going to need carb work. Whether your stock carburetors are damaged due to varnish and corrosion, or you just want the performance and reliability of aftermarket units, Sudco is your source. Sudco's collection of pre-jetted replacement and performance carburetors covers everything from modern to classic, from singles to V-4s. Replacement carbs from Mikuni and Keihin start at just $93. Sudco supports riders with a full assortment of readily available replacement parts, and also offers intake, velocity stack and airbox adapters.