Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix Statistics 2009

Valentino Rossi becomes all-time top podium finisher
With his victory at Brno, Valentino Rossi becomes the rider with most Grand Prix podium finishes in the 61 years of the motorcycling world championships. His Czech Grand Prix win was the 160th occasion that he has stood on the podium across all classes, one more than the previous holder of the record Giacomo Agostini, whose last podium finish was in the 500cc race at the Czech GP in 1977, held on the old road circuit.

Other facts about Rossi's 160 podium finishes:
His first podium was third in the 125cc race at the Austrian GP in 1996 at the A1-Ring.

He has finished on the podium on six different motorcycles: 125cc Aprilia (15 podium finishes), 250cc Aprilia(21 podium finishes), 500cc 2-stroke Honda (23 podium finishes), 990cc 4-stroke Honda (31 podium finishes),990cc 4-stroke Yamaha (37 podium finishes), 800cc 4-stroke Yamaha (33podium finishes)

His 160 podium finishes have come from 221 GP starts which means he has finished on the podium in 72.4%of his races.

He has finished on the podium at 29 different circuits during his Grand Prix career.

The circuit at which he has had most podium finishes is Catalunya where he has finished in the top three everyyear since he won the 125cc race there in 1997, giving him a total of thirteen podium finishes at the circuit.

He finished on the podium at 23 successive races, a sequence that started at the Portuguese Grand Prix in 2002and ended at the Spanish GP in 2004. This is a record for the longest sequence of successive podiums in GrandPrix racing.

Below is a list showing the top ten riders of all-time in terms of podium finishes in Grand Prix racing:

Number of Podium Finishes In All Solo Classes of Grand Prix Racing
Rider Total podium finishes Wins Seconds Thirds
1 Valentino Rossi 160 102 39 19
2 Giacomo Agostini 159 122 35 2
3 Angel Nieto 139 {{{90}}} 35 14
4 Phil Read 121 52 44 25
5 Mike Hailwood 112 76 25 11
6 Max Biaggi 111 42 41 28
7 Loris Capirossi 99 29 34 36
8 Jim Redman 98 45 33 20
9 Mick Doohan 95 54 31 10
10 Luigi Taveri 89 30 33 26

Thirteen year winning career for Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi's latest victory came at the Brno circuit where he took his very first Grand Prix win in the 125cc class thirteen years previously. To be exact, the time between Rossi's first win and his latest victory is 2 days short of 13 years, as shown in the following table. Currently his winning career is the fifth longest of all-time, however a victory in Indianapolis will place him fourth equal with fellow Italian Loris Reggiani in the list which is topped by Loris Capirossi.

Longest Winning Careers In Grand Prix Racing-All Solo Classes
Rider First GP Win Last GP Win Length of winning GP career
1 Loris Capirossi 125cc/GB/1990 MotoGP/Japan/2007 17 years 49 days
2 Angelo Nieto 50cc/E. Germany/1969 80cc/France/1985 16 years 8 days
3 Phil Read 350cc/GB/1961 500cc/Czech/1975 14 years 71 days
4 Loris Reggiani 125cc/GB/1980 250cc/Czech/1993 13 years 12 days
5 Valentino Rossi 125cc/Czech/1996 MotoGP/Czech/2009 12 years 363 days
6 Max Biaggi 250cc/South Africa/1992 MotoGP/Germany/2004 11 years 316 days
7 Toni Mang 125cc/W. Germany/1976 250cc/Japan/1988 11 years 211 days
8 Alex Barros 500cc/FIM/1993 500cc/FIM/1993 11 years 203 days
9 Luigi Taveri 125cc/Spain/1955 125cc/Italy/1966 11 years 133 days
10 Giacomo Agostini 350cc/W. Germany/1965 500cc/W. Germany/1976 11 years 126 days

Valentino Rossi set to reach another milestone
Following his victory at the Czech Grand Prix, Valentino Rossi needs to score just ten more points to become the first rider ever to pass the milestone of 3000 career points in the premier-class of Grand Prix racing. The following table shows the ten riders who have accumulated the highest points' totals during their premier-class careers. The only other current rider appearing in this list is Loris Capirossi in fourth place.

Rider Career Points In {{{Premier}}}-Class
1 Valentino Rossi 2990
2 Mick Doohan 2298
3 Alex Barros 2079
4 Loris Capirossi 1720
5 Max Biaggi 1624
6 Alex Criville 1610
7 Carlos Checa 1484
8 Eddie Lawson 1429
9 Sete Gibernau 1326
10 Wayne Rainey 1248.5

USA riders in MotoGP
The two American riders in MotoGP, Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards, are continuing a strong tradition of riders from the USA in the premier-class of Grand Prix racing. In total the USA has had a total of 153 Grand Prix victories and only Italy, with 216 victories as a nation, has had more success in the premier-class. The first

rider from the USA to finish on a Grand Prix podium was Budd Parriott, in 1965 at the USA GP held at Daytona. There was then a gap of 11 years before the next rider from the USA enjoyed podium success, the rider being Pat Hennen who also became the first US rider to win a Grand Prix. The following table shows career details of all 17 riders from the USA who have appeared on the podium in the premier-class:

Rider 500cc/MotoGp World Titles Starts Wins Podium Finishes Poles
Eddie Lawson 4 127 31 78 18
Wayne Rainey 3 83 24 64 15
Kenny Roberts 3 58 22 39 18
Freddie Spencer 2 {{{62}}} 20 31 27
Kevin Schwantz 1 104 25 51 29
Kenny Roberts Jnr. 1 167 8 22 10
Nicky Hayden 1 110 3 25 5
Randy Mamola 0 144 13 54 5
John Kocinski 0 71 4 19 9
Pat Hennen 0 24 3 12 0
Colin Edwards 0 113 0 11 3
Steve Baker 0 20 0 7 1
Mike Baldwin 0 39 0 6 1
Doug Chandler 0 54 0 6 2
John Hopkins 0 111 0 4 1
Scott Russell 0 19 0 2 0
Buddy Parriott 0 2 0 1 0

Aprilia extend winning streak in 125cc class
Nicolas Terol's victory at Brno was the 12th successive win for Aprilia in the 125cc class. This is the longest sequence of successive wins achieved by Aprilia in the 125cc class as shown in the following list. A win for an Aprilia rider at the Indianapolis Grand Prix will extend the streak to 13 successive wins equalling the longest ever sequence in the 125cc class by an Italian manufacturer.

Number of Successive Wins by Manufacturer in the 125cc Class
19 - {{{Honda}}} - 1990/91
17 - Honda - 1992/93
13 - Minarelli - 1978/79
12 - Honda - 1961/62
Aprilia - 2008/09

Grand Prix racing numbers
150 - Loris Capirossi's 5th at Brno was the 150th time he has finished in a point scoring position in the premier-class. Only one rider has had more premier-class points scoring finishes - Alex Barros with 195.

56 - Valentino Rossi's pole at Brno was the 56th time that he has started from pole across all classes of Grand Prix racing. This is exactly the same number of Grand Prix poles as his great rival Max Biaggi achieved during his Grand Prix career. Since 1973,when full pole position records are available, only one rider has started from pole on more occasions and that is Mick Doohan who started from pole on 58 occasions during his Grand Prix career.

33 years - The day of qualifying at Indianapolis will be the 33rd anniversary of Giacomo Agostini taking his last 500cc victory at the German Grand Prix in 1976 at the Nurburgring riding an MV Agusta. This was also the very last 500cc win by a four-strokemotorcycle.

31 seconds - The pace of development of the 800cc MotoGP machines is illustrated by the race time at the Czech GP being 31 seconds faster than the fastest ever race time achieved by a 990cc MotoGP machine which was by Loris Capirossi on a Ducati in 2006.

22 years - Race day at Indianapolis will be the 22nd anniversary of Aprilia taking their first GP win in the 250cc class at the San Marino GP in 1987 with Loris Reggiani.

15 - This will be the 15th occasion that there has been a motorcycle Grand Prix held in the USA. The first two events in 1964 and 1965 were held at the famous Daytona circuit. Eleven GP events have taken place at the Laguna Seca circuit and this is the second to be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

7 - Yamaha riders have been on pole at the last seven MotoGP races. This is the longest sequence of successive poles for Yamaha in the premier-class since 1986.

3 - Indianapolis is one of just three circuits on this year's calendar where Ducati have not had a MotoGP win. The others are Estoril and Le Mans.

3 - Following the Czech GP, where Casey Stoner failed to start and Marco Melandri crashed out; there are now just three riders in the MotoGP class to have scored points at every race this year: Colin Edwards, Chris Vermeulen and Alex de Angelis.

3 - Valentino Rossi has started from pole at the last three MotoGP races. This equals his longest sequence of successive poles on a Yamaha which achieved in the last two races of 2006 and first race of 2007.

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