Open-Face Riding Helmets For Under $200

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New Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets
MC Picks 6 New Open-Face Motorcycle Riding HelmetsAnimated GIF by Kathleen Conner

Not everyone likes the closed-in feel of a full-face helmet. For these riders, open-face lids offer a little less coverage but a lot more comfort and visibility, and a classic look to boot. Here’s a round-up of budget-priced open-face helmets that’ll give you a smile when you ride and let everyone see it.

MC Picks to Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets, AGV
AGV RP60 Deluxe©Motorcyclist

AGV RP60 Deluxe

The vintage-styled RP60 Deluxe from AGV has an Advanced Composite Fiber outer shell and a comfort liner made of Dry-Comfort fabric with a sanitizing treatment. The comfort liner is removable and washable. Retention is via a double D-ring. A transparent-tinted peak visor in included. (S-XL, DOT, white, $139.95,

MC Picks to Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets, Bell
Bell Mag 9©Motorcyclist

Bell Mag 9

The Mag 9 from Bell is designed to accommodate the Bell-specific Sena SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom, as well as the Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 stereo headset and intercom. It has a lightweight polycarbonate shell, and comes in three EPS sizes for the maximum fit and comfort range. The Mag 9 can be worn with or without a shield and visor, and tool-free shield changes are fast and easy. Velocity Flow Ventilation offers maximum cooling. (XS-XXL, DOT, five colors, $179.00,

MC Picks to Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets, Biltwell
Biltwell Bonanza©Motorcyclist

Biltwell Bonanza

The Bonanza from Biltwell has a hand-painted, injection-molded ABS shell with a removable, hand-sewn brushed Lycra interior with diamond-stitched open-cell foam padding. Rubber or chrome accent edging is available. Retention is via double D-rings and an adjustable strap-end retainer. (XS-XXL, DOT, 16 colors, $129.95,

MC Picks to Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets, HJC
HJC CL-Jet©Motorcyclist


HJC's CL-Jet has a polycarbonate composite shell and a plush Nylex moisture-wicking interior with removable and washable crown and cheek pads. Advanced Channeling Ventilation allows full front-to-back airflow, and the QuickSlide shield replacement system is fast and requires no tools. The scratch-resistant and optically correct face shield provides 95 percent UV protection. (XS-XXL, DOT, two colors, $119.95-$124.95,

MC Picks to Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets, Scorpion
Scorpion EXO-CT220©Motorcyclist

Scorpion EXO-CT220

Scorpion's EXO-CT220 has a polycarbonate shell with a three-position retractable sun visor and an open-face peak visor. The comfort liner is made of an antimicrobial material and has cheek pads contoured to accommodate eyeglasses. Communication-system speaker pockets are built in, and Aero-Tuned ventilation keeps you cool. Both the sun visor and the peak visor are removable. (XS-3XL, DOT, four colors, $149.95,

MC Picks to Open-Face Motorcycle Riding Helmets, Speed and Strength
Speed and Strength Speed Society©Motorcyclist

Speed and Strength Speed Society

The Speed Society from Speed and Strength has an ABS shell and a removable and washable moisture-wicking liner with Air Strike Direct Course ventilation. A DVD Drop Visor Design is included for sun protection, including an All Clear optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog, UV-resistant face shield. (XS-2XL, DOT, white, $119.95,