Transatlantic temptation: MT-01 SP

Euro Envy

They already have the Alps, Guinness Extra Stout—celebrating its 250th birthday on September 24th—McLaren, Misano and Yamaha’s MT-01. Now this: The MT-01 SP.Essentially nicely tarted-up version of the 1670cc post-modern sumo-sport that’s been stomping around various countries other than this one for the last four years, complete with Öhlins suspension and Pirelli Diablo Rosso radials at either end.Okay, so it’s expensive at £12,999: $21,498 at today’s exchange rate. But, as opposed to the endless variations on half-century-old ideas lined up in our showrooms, at least it shows proves the big-inch V-twin can power something more functional than another 800-lb. chrome and billet tugboat.

There won’t be many of the SP versions. Yamaha will sell more of the proletarian MT-01 in Europe for about $3300 less and they still won’t sell many of those by American standards. Especially in this economy. Still, it’d be nice to have a few more interesting, less predictable options out there?. Don’t you think?