Team Motorcyclist M1GP 24hr Race For Charity

Goal to raise $5000 (or more!) for the Riders For Health charity

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Charity: Riders For Health ( is an organization that manages and maintains the vehicles used in the delivery of health care and other vital services to rural communities in Africa. Founded by Barry and Andrea Coleman along with legendary American motorcycle racer Randy Mamola, Riders For Health gives health care access to more than 12 million people that would otherwise be nearly helpless. Please check out their website for more info. (All funds raised will go to Riders For Health)

Event: The editors here at Motorcyclist magazine ( decided to take the 1982 Honda MB5 that was bought for $140 (see link to MB5 story below) and fix it up to race in the M1GP 24 hour race (YES! Non-stop for 24 hours!...Hopefully the bike will last that long). The event will take place at Willow Springs Raceway on September 29th through 30th, 2012. This event was created to raise money and awareness for the Riders For Health charity.

We will have a video crew with us to document our team at the event for a future episode of On Two Wheels.

Please help support this great charity!

Honda MB5 Story Link:

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