Schuberth C3 Pro and C3 Women Modular Helmets Introduced

The First High Speed Flip-Up Helmet with Internal Antenna

Schuberth prides itself in producing high-quality products and continuous product development. The latest examples are the Schuberth C3 Pro and C3 Women modular helmets. Starting from the popular C3 design, the updated flip-up helmets feature several significant upgrades.

• Revised shell. According to Schuberth, a new rear spoiler adds as much as 8 percent more downforce than the previous C3, which makes it suitable for high-speed applications. Small downforce spoilers on the chin also reduce lift.

• All-new interior. Detail refinements reduce noise levels and improve comfort. According to Schuberth, the wearer experiences just 82 dBa at 62 mph. A new, larger vent scoop vent on the top of the helmet increases airflow to more than 2.5 gallons per second—a 60 percent increase from the previous C3. The interior layout has revised seam locations, less fabric overlapping at the forehead, and a larger neck roll that both helps reduce noise but, thanks to a larger air exit, also improves ventilation. Other comfort improvements include a new Wind Cuff (at the chin) that is smaller overall but provides the same overall coverage with the snap-out protector in place; this feature makes more room for large necks without sacrificing wind-sealing capability. The integral slide-down sunshade is slightly reshaped, while the optically correct cast-acrylic main visor has a new sealing system and comes equipped with Pinlock fog-free inserts.

• Communications: Schuberth added an internal antenna, which resides in the EPS just under the shell, to improve Bluetooth and FM performance with the company’s SRCS communication system.

The C3 Pro Women was conceived by Shuberth based on additional research, which prompted the company to create this helmet especially contoured to fit a woman’s facial structure. The special fit was made to accommodate a woman’s higher cheekbones, narrower jaw and smaller facial features.

The C3 Pro comes in glossy black, matte black, glossy silver, glossy white, and high-viz yellow for $769 ($799 in high-viz). The C3 Pro Women comes in matte black, glossy silver, pearl white, and pearl pink for $769. Schuberth’s Rider Communication System, which includes Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone and to other compatible rider-to-rider devices as well as an FM radio, costs $429.

All models of the C3 Pro will be available in the spring.

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