Honda embrace solar technology in MotoGP

From the Grand Prix of Italy onwards, Honda Racing Corporation in conjunction with Honda SOLTEC will introduce [solar panels to the Repsol Honda Team pit wall chrono-box roof, providing sufficient power to run the eight monitors for up to eight hours.

Voltage supplied from the battery is very stable even during cloudy conditions so power supply is also very constant. High voltage modules are incorporated to the system in parallel so the number of panels required can be increased or decreased to optimise the required power.

This system is designed specifically for the Repsol Honda Team pit wall chrono-box use and is not currently for resale. [Introduction of the solar power system will be limited to European rounds only, on an trial basis. However, the solar panels used for the system are available for sale in Japan.

Honda Soltec Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets CIGS thin film solar cells. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Kikuchi-gun, Japan. Honda Soltec Co., Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.