Gerloff Completes the Hat Trick in Second REV'IT! Moriwaki MD250H

Powered by Honda Race at Indianapolis

**Indianapolis, IN - 30 Aug 2010: **Garrett Gerloff completed the hat trick at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, winning Sunday's Rev'It Moriwaki MD250H Powered by Honda race as well as taking the win on Saturday and qualifying on pole in Friday's qualifying session. Gerloff got off to a strong start to take the lead into the first turn and continued to pull away during the race. As in Saturday's race, a battle for second place developed immediately between Nick McFadden, Jake Lewis, Ryan Matter and Stefano Mesa.

"I definitely got a better start today," said Gerloff. "I led into turn one and really tried to put my head down and run away. Jake and Nick stayed with me the first couple of laps. I was getting kind of nervous, but I started to pull away little by little and I was monitoring the gap on my pit board." Gerloff continued to run faster laps than the group fighting over second, and his margin of victory was 11.33 seconds at the end of the 11 lap race.

McFadden dropped back early in the race after a poor start. "I got off to a worse start than I did yesterday, and I just dropped back the first three laps," said McFadden. "After that, I got in a rhythm, put my head down and caught back up to these guys." Ryan Matter was the young man on the move, drafting past both McFadden and Lewis, who had held down second for the first seven laps. McFadden was shuffled back to fourth, but not for long. "I sat there for a couple of laps, then made a move," said McFadden. "With two laps to go, I figured it was getting to the end of the race and I needed to get up there. I made a pass into turn one and held them both off until the end."

Lewis was shuffled from second back to fourth place with four laps to go. "Yeah, Ryan and Nick flew past me on the front straight and I didn't know that Ryan was up there too," Lewis said. "I put my head down to get back past those two because Garrett was already way out there. I was able to get around Ryan, but I couldn't get past Nick at the line." The difference at the finish between the three riders was a mere .228 seconds.

Stefano Mesa faded to fifth, then was caught and passed on the last lap by Ben Young. Nick Hansen, Grayson Gerloff and Joe Roberts rounded out the top nine positions. As on Saturday, there was a six-rider race-long battle over tenth place that ended with Kaleb De Keyrel over Max Flinders, Andre Ochs, Tyler Linders, Lex Hartl and Brandon Altmeyer.

Rev'It! Moriwaki MD250H Powered by Honda Race Two (11 Laps)

Rider - Gap 1. Garrett Gerloff
2. Nick McFadden - 11.333
3. Jake Lewis - 11.373
4. Ryan Matter - 11.561
5. Ben Young - 27.998
6. Stefano Mesa - 28.579
7. Nick Hansen - 31.430
8. Grayson Gerloff - 32.363
9. Joe Roberts - 34.756
10. Kaleb De Keyrel - 52.594
11. Max Flinders - 52.649
12. Andre Ochs - 52.801
13. Tyler Linders - 53.930
14. Lex Hartl - 54.025
15. Brandon Altmeyer - 54.167
16. Ben Truslow - 1:22.424
17. Cody Sousa-Saints - 1:27.558
18. Bruce Degrilla - 1:27.573
19. Alex Wisdom - 1 lap
20. Jasper Hankey - 1 lap
21. Austin Medrano - 6 laps, crashed out, rider OK
22. Cassidy Heiser - 9 laps, crashed out, rider OK
23. Xavier Zayat - DNS, crashed on warm-up lap
24. Peter Lenz - DNS, crashed on warm-up lap

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Gerloff Completes the Hat Trick in Second Rev'It Moriwaki MD250H