Dainese Free Back Protector Offer Extended

Whether you’re riding in heavy traffic, or dragging pegs through the canyons, it’s good to know someone has your back. In this case it’s Dainese, which is offering a free back protector to buyers of any Dainese D-Dry and Gore-Tex jacket through November 17, 2013.

Buy your jacket through a participating dealer and you’ll receive a free Wave G1/G2 or Air Shield G1/G2 back protecter to go with it. The lightweight Wave was developed with input from motorcycle racers; the Shield is made with Crash Absorb, a material that works together with a honeycomb structure to provide excellent shock-absorbing properties.

Dainese D-Dry and Gore-Tex jackets provide superior protection from the elements in all weather conditions. The proprietary D-Dry fabric, which uses a breathable waterproof membrane, protects you in varying weather conditions. Dainese’s Gore-Tex line of riding jackets was developed with the goal of creating the ultimate all-weather jacket.

For a list of participating Dainese dealers click here.