A Brutale for Italy's 150th Anniversary

Varese, 4 May 2011 - A unique motorcycle for a unique event. MV Agusta celebrates Italy's 150th anniversary with a special series of BRUTALE 990R. Customized exclusively, limited to 150 customers only, which renders even more elite an Italian designed object of cult distinguished by a strong personality and perfect union of technology and style.

That which renders this motorcycle exclusive is the livery, highlighted by the dashboard cover which is of the same colour as the bodywork, the tail end which for the occasion has become single seater, and the spoiler: the Italian flag and the number 150 make this model immediately recognizable, also thanks to the motorcycle serial number which is inscribed on a plate located on the upper steering brace.

The motorcycles are offered in 3 colour schemes with base of white, red, and black.