The New BMW R nine T

The Essence of 90 Thrilling Years of BMW Motorrad

It’s BMW’s 90th birthday, but you get the present. Created to commemorate “90 Years of BMW Motorrad,” the new R nine T is a mashup of BMW’s iconic boxer twin and classic design features of bygone eras of motorcycling, spiced with cutting-edge technology and a modular concept that offers a wide range of customizing opportunities.

At the heart of the R nine T is the direct descendant of the boxer engine in BMW's very first bike, the 1923 R32. The 1170cc air/oil-cooled twin pumps out 110 horsepower at 7550 rpm and 88 lb-ft of torque at 6000. It also acts as a load-bearing element of the R nine T's tubular-steel spaceframe, which consists of a front frame section with an integral steering head and a rear section with the swingarm mounting. The rear pillion frame and frame end-piece are removable for a leaner, more custom look.

Two mufflers on the left side of the R nine T, stacked vertically, evoke a classic sport roadster while leaving room for customization with BMW’s accessory range. One option is a titanium Akrapovic muffler; by installing a long or short connecting pipe, the muffler can be mounted in a lowered or raised position.

BMW’s signature telelever front end is replaced on the R nine T by an upside-down telescopic fork borrowed from the S1000RR superbike. The rear suspension is a paralever single-sided swingarm with a central spring strut. The rear-axle drive housing comes with brackets for mounting the license plate/taillight on one side, and the swingarm is made to allow swapping out the stock 5.5-inch-wide wheel for a 6-inch-wide one. Wire-spoke wheels with black-anodized non-flanged rims, black aluminum hubs, and stainless steel spokes are standard, along with radial four-piston monoblock calipers and floating 320mm rotors. ABS is standard.

There’s no word yet on the R nine T’s release date or price, but if you don’t already have a deposit on one you might be out of luck.

BMW R Nine T 04

BMW R Nine T 02
BMW R Nine T 04