MV Agusta Creates an Even More Brutal Brutale


MV Agusta owners have never wanted for pretty accoutrements and hop-up parts, and now that accessory-happy Harley-Davidson is steering the ship, owners have a much thicker parts catalog to peruse. The buzz about the 2010 Brutale 1090RR is that it was made more civilized than its hard-nosed, 154-horsepower predecessor. While a claimed 144 bhp in a 450-pound package is more than enough for most of us, there are always those who want more. Speed freaks need look no farther than the Cannonball Power Kit, which contains a host of performance parts aimed to impart even more power and prestige upon the already impressive 1090RR.

Shell out $6200 and your Brutale will regain the brutality of its forerunner-and then some. An alleged 21 extra ponies come by way of a special cylinder head with oversized titanium valves and performance camshafts, a full titanium exhaust system and dedicated performance ECU. So equipped, the big Brutale is said to put out a full 165 bhp, and that titanium exhaust plumbing is sure to shed a few pounds. The goody box also contains a manual cam-chain tensioner, extra head gaskets and trick bits to help the 1090RR's slipper clutch cope with the extra oomph.

Overriding the stock fuel map and ditching the catalytic converter mean this kit is labeled "for competition use only." So look for the telltale single silencer on a Brutale at your next track day-and steer clear!

MV Agusta Creates An Even More Brutal Brutale