The Motorcyclist Pictorial | December 1935

1-Ralph Moore in the “Flying Trapeze” during a Hornell Class “A” event 2-Sam Parriott believes in bringing ‘em up right. His son stole the show during the last Targo Florio at Ascot speedway 3-Don Cillinski, Chicago, Ill., attends the races at Langhorne, Penna. Don really rides the small motor which was made by a Harley-Davidson mechanic in Chicago, and does the crowd go for his stuff 4-The “Pee-Wee” camera catches a shot of Miss Judy Bunda from Syracuse, New York, as she shoves off for a little tour 5-And again Don Cillinski crashes into the limelight, this time at race events staged at Milwaukee
6-A group of lady sicklers from Texas snapped at Moss Springs. From left to right, they are Witide Dell Childers, Mrs. Cecil Pixton, Mrs. Gabo Filler, Kelly Hamilton and Mrs. Everett Witt 7-J. Frank Nichols, Chief Pharmacist Mate (retired) U.S.N., who is one man who has never missed a show during the time of night speedway racing on the west coast. “Nich” is one of the unsung heroes of the sport who prefers to stay in the background. This photo, taken September of this year at Gilmore Stadium, was snapped without his knowledge and is reproduced because many of “’Nich’s” friends in the East as well as in the West will be glad to see him “mugged” 8-Leonard Malcom Vale-Onslow, a two-years’ old Birmingham boy astonishes people by riding the small outfit shown here. In this shot he takes his cousin Jill-three years old-for a jaunt on a nice flat field. The machine is complete in all details and is powered with a one and one-half horse engine capable of approximately 40 m.p.h. speed 9- William Hastings (A.J.S.) sec