The Motorcyclist Pictorial | August 1938

From the August 1938 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Start of 5-mile amateur event, Cleveland, Ohio
The Cleveland timing trap which qualified 66 riders for the impressive class C races
The broad jump-Topeka, Kansas, gypsy tour, July 3rd
Roy Wanless is given the flag by referee Dan Van Vleet as he wins first place in the 10-mile expert event, Ionia, Michigan, June 26th
A freak accident on the night speedways. Andy Freitas, down, was uninjured. Pat Brown, up, has broken left leg suffered in a brush a moment before Freitas went into the slide. Brown toured around and into the pits without anyone realizing what had happened
Friends of the likeable Howard Mitzel will be glad to know that he is again climbing. Here he is seen in action at the Hornell climb, July 17th
George Chamberlin, secretary, Twin City M.C., cartoons Donald Duck and Dippy Dog on his windshield and tanks, feeling that if one must go to art on his machine, these scenes are better than skull and cross bones. These views get a laugh. The others lead the public to feel like a band of pirates were bearing down for the slaughter
Riders en route to the Hornell, N.Y., climb on July 17th