Lawrance brothers crash at IOMTT
Editor’s note: Paul Phillips, our photographer on assignment at IOMTT, had no desire to become part of the story but he almost did! While shooting the sidecar action at Ballaugh Bridge, Paul was next to the wall when the Lawrance brothers came sliding by. Like any good lensman, he kept his finger on the button and kept shooting. Scroll down to see his photo sequence of the crash.Photo: David Traynor

“You can hear the sidecars coming for at least 10 seconds before they appear. I would look up see them coming toward the bridge, count to 4 and then start shooting. But then sidecar #43, the Lawrance Brothers from New Zealand came be sliding along the wall. Miraculously not only did I get the shot but I got 3! In a truly remarkable moment, David Traynor who was still shooting long, decided to take a shot of me shooting.” – Paul Phillips

James Hillier on his Kawasaki 600
James Hillier on his Kawasaki 600 compresses his rear tire as he lands coming off of Ballaugh Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips

Overnight conditions at the Isle of Man TT led to a delay of just over two hours but the race finally got underway with riders warned of damp patches at Ramsey Hairpin, the Nook and Governor's Dip. And, as in Sunday's RST Superbike race, James Hillier on the Kawasaki was again quickest on the first nine miles.

By Ramsey Hairpin, Michael Dunlop had taken over the lead but it was still extremely tight; his advantage over Hillier just 0.09s. William Dunlop was a further 1.5s back in third as Johnson, Harrison and Hickman held onto their top six positions.

The winner of the last two Supersport events Ian Hutchinson on his 600 Yamaha.Photo: Paul Phillips

At half race distance, and coming into the pits for fuel, Dunlop’s lead had dwindled to 2.4s with a second lap speed of 126.015mph and it now looked like a two-horse race between him and Hillier. Ian Hutchinson who won Sunday’s Superbike race and was last year’s Supersport winner was in fifth.

The final 37.73 miles around the Mountain Course saw Dunlop finally pull clear and he eventually took the checkered flag by 13.2s. Hillier took his 10th TT podium in second with Hickman having another excellent ride and retaining third.

Michael Dunlop
Michael Dunlop, Suzuki on his first lap through Ballaugh.Photo: Paul Phillips

In the first sidecar race, Ben and Tom Birchall took a record-breaking Sure Formula Two Sidecar race win on Monday afternoon at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races with the brothers taking their fifth TT victory and setting a new outright lap record of 117.119mph.

Their eventual winning margin over John Holden/Lee Cain was 25.6s with Dave Molyneux/Dan Sayle holding onto third as the weather closed in on the final lap. It was the Manxman’s 30th podium in his 50th TT start.

Dean Harrison, Kawasaki
Dean Harrison, Kawasaki was in the mix until he had to withdraw.Photo: Paul Phillips
Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman rode his Triumph 675 to his second podium finish of the week.Photo: Paul Phillips
Ivan Lintin on his Kawasaki
Ivan Lintin on his Kawasaki takes off in front of the crowd.Photo: Paul Phillips
Michael Dunlop
Michael Dunlop leans into a sweeping left turn as he heads up the mountain road.Photo: IOMTT
Bruce Anstey
Bruce Anstey on his Honda were never quite in the mix today.Photo: Paul Phillips
George Spence on his Suzuki
George Spence on his Suzuki going through the streets of Ballaugh.Photo: Paul Phillips
James Hillier
James Hillier on his 2nd lap trading the lead with Dunlop.Photo: Paul Phillips
Dunlop and Hillier
Michael Dunlop on his 2nd lap trading the lead with Hillier.Photo: Paul Phillips
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson on his Yamaha at Ballaugh Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips
Ballaugh to Ramsey
Leaving Ballaugh on the way to Ramsey.Photo: Paul Phillips
Yamaha sidecar
Dave Molyneus/Dan Sales on their Yamaha sidecar.Photo: Paul Phillips
Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney
The Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney team on their 600 Suzuki sidecar.Photo: Paul Phillips
IOMTT sidecar lap record
Ben and Tom Birchall set an IOMTT lap record at 117.119 mph.Photo: Paul Phillips
Fastest women sidecar record
The team of Estelle Lablond and Melani Farnier set a record for the fastest women’s sidecar time at the TT.Photo: Paul Phillips
Honda sidecar at IOMTT
Tim Reeves and Mark Wilkes in their Honda sidecar.Photo: Paul Phillips
Lawrance Brothers crash at IOMTT
Frame 1 of the Lawrance Brothers slide along the wall of the Ballaugh Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips crash photo
Frame 2 of the Lawrance Brothers slide along the wall of the Ballaugh Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips
Lawrance Brothers crash photo at IOMTT
Frame 3 of the Lawrance Brothers slide along the wall of the Ballaugh Bridge.Photo: Paul Phillips