MC Tested: Fulmer D4 Motorcycle Helmet

Good performance, great price

You might not know it, but Fulmer has been making motorcycle helmets since the debut of Honda's legendary CB750 more than 35 years ago. Fulmer's stated philosophy is "value to riders," and after wearing a Shaman-schemed D4 lid for several months, it's apparent Fulmer has the value part nailed. At just $109.95, the D4 offers impressive features, including a quality finish, quick-release visor, adjustable vents and a removable/washable liner. The lid's comfort level is surprising; the liner is plush, and the fit for our tester was all-day comfortable. The front-vent switchgear is a bit flimsy but easy to use. Venting is effective, and shield changes are relatively painless. The only negative was a bit of extra noise; we'd recommend earplugs, although we wear them all the time anyway. The D4 is DOT-approved (not Snell or ECE), which means it's likely to transmit fewer Gs to your skull in the type of impact you're most likely to have on a motorcycle. We like that. -MC

Fulmer D4 Helmet

MSRP: $109.95

Four Star

Good performance and fit at a great price

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