MC Tested: Baxley Sport Chock vs. Condor Pit-Stop

You really can't go wrong with either

Let's hear it for life's special moments. Such as coming into the pits on a scorching-hot track day and having your paddock stand just out of reach of your sweating, trembling fingers. Or, better yet, watching your bike topple off the stand in slow-mo, because you fumbled the lift.

There is a better way, of course. With a chock, you can simply ride into it and nail the dismount for a unanimous 10.0 from the judges. Both the Baxley Trailer Co. and Condor offer such devices, Baxley's named the Sport Chock and Condor's the Pit-Stop. Although the duo perform the same basic function of holding a motorcycle upright, physically they're world's apart.

Baxley's non-adjustable Sport Chock, for instance, is made of welded steel tubes and plates and comes in black crinkle, black chrome, and blue, green, red or yellow powder-coat finishes. Condor's Pit-Stop is constructed of aluminum extrusions and can be adjusted to fit front or rear wheels from 14 to 22 inches in diameter and tires 80 to 230mm wide. The Baxley has a slightly smaller footprint and a locking tab to absolutely prevent a bike from rolling backward, while the Condor can fold flat for storage and has slightly nicer build quality.

There are key similarities, apart from pure function. Both can be used on trailers or in pickup beds (Condor even offers a kit for those purposes), both weigh a claimed 21 pounds, and they cost almost the same: $215 for the Sport Chock in black crinkle, $225 for other colors/finishes; $235 for the Pit-Stop. To put it into perspective, the difference between them is roughly the cost of one knee slider.

One caveat, though. As one editor found out, it's nearly impossible to extract single-handed a relatively heavy motorcycle from a chock that's unsecured to a slightly slippery surface, such as a polished-concrete garage floor.

Still, if someone held a gun to the metaphorical editorial head, we'd probably squeak out, "The Pit-Stop," simply because its adjustability makes it more versatile. But if you've only got one bike and don't need the Condor's extra features, the Baxley Sport Chock makes more sense. You really can't go wrong with either.

You will, however, be able to avoid some of life's more special moments.


Sport Chock MSRP: $215/$225
Pit-Stop MSRP: $235


A convenience item--although a rather expensive one--of the first order. Condor's is more versatile, if that matters to you

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