Last Page - Ducati Desmosedici Accident

Desmosedici With Cheese In 30 Minutes Or It's Free!

Last Page is not known for its up-to-the-minute breaking news. After all, this is print. We went to press while George Bush was still in office. The first George Bush. But once in a while we get a sizzling story that simply has to be fast-tracked into the magazine post-haste. And so it is with this oven-fresh bulletin from our esteemed European Correspondent, Alan Cathcart. Sir Al takes up the story...

"It was an expensive lunch. Rather than walk up the road or hop in a car to grab a bite for himself and his mates at the Ducati factory in Bologna, one of the workers there jumped on a bike to go pick up a margherita grande with extra cheese. Not just any bike, either-but a Desmosedici RR, one of the $72,500, 990cc MotoGP race replicas, not best known for having acres of space on which to secure a pizza box.

"The car he front-ended wasn't too badly damaged, but the Desmo definitely came off second best when it was decked on its side, quite apart from being covered with melted mozzarella cheese-look closely, and you can see the strands dripping to the ground."

Talk about a pizza with's enough to make you lose your appetite!