Korry Hogan's 250-mph Suzuki Top Fueler - Fast...

Wild File

Motorcycles don't get wilder than Top Fuel drag bikes, and Top Fuel drag bikes don't get wilder than Korry Hogan's 1300-horsepower, $150,000 Suzuki-now the world's fastest drag bike. Hogan earned that title during last year's AMA Dragbike Fall Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, where he became the first motorcyclist ever to exceed 250 mph in the quarter-mile, with a winning run of 5.95 seconds at 250.97 mph.

Though branded a Suzuki, virtually nothing on Hogan's bike comes from Hamamatsu. The supercharged, 1500cc motor consists of Puma Engineering cases mated to an MTC Engineering block topped with a Vortex billet head. This 850-pound rocket measures nearly 9 feet long (almost twice that length if you include the wheelie bar), burns 5 gallons of nitromethane per pass (at $50 per gallon) and rolls on a 14-inch-wide Mickey Thompson slick. Not some souped-up GSX-R, in other words.

Hogan races wearing a respirator (to protect him from noxious nitro fumes), and describes a launch as "like being rear-ended by a semi." Sixty mph comes in just .7 of a second, the 200-mph mark passes in 4 seconds, and 250 mph-367 feet per second-passes in less than 6 seconds. The bike produces over 4 Gs of acceleration at launch (more than the Space Shuttle on take-off), and still pulls more than 1 G at 250 mph. The very definition of a wild ride.