AltRider Engine Protection Bars: Well Executed Protection for the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL

(May 21, 2012) – Seattle, WA – The BMW K 1600 GT/GTL, unveiled last year, quickly became a leader in its class with advanced mechanics and sleek BMW styling. Motorcycle accessory designer and manufacturer, AltRider, also known for its top-notch design, has recently released protection bars for the bike. The AltRider design integrates unique features, such as the 1 inch stainless steel tube connection, resulting in significant reduction of risk to damaging the precious engine and fairings on the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL.

Weighing in at nearly 800 pounds, AltRider’s in-house design team took a careful analysis of the bike’s center of gravity and created engine protection bars that would best distribute the heavy load on impact ensuring top quality performance. Made in America and built from one inch diameter stainless steel tubing, these bars have precision-manufactured mounts with perfect fitment onto the engine frame.

The most cutting-edge design element of the AltRider bar: the crossbar between the motor mounts, which distributes 100% of the load of an accident from one side to the other. Instead of the brunt of an impact lying on two mounts, AltRider is the only manufacturer utilizing the two blind bosses on the front of the engine. This effectively creates two loading points on the front with a total of six distribution points to handle any possible trauma. Priced at $394.27, the AltRider engine protection bars prove to be worth it— type in K1600 in the search bar at to check out more information.

Why make the investment of aftermarket engine protection bars? With the instant success of this popular bike, AltRider has been inundated with requests from BMW bike owners and dealers to develop a functional, high quality bar that can actually withstand the behemoth size. Based on the rave reviews of the AltRider crash bars for the BMW R 1200 GS, AltRider has created a rapport in the hard part accessories for big machines, which led to the decision of stepping up to the challenge of creating the K 1600 bars.

Due to the bike’s top-heavy weight, BMW dealers have had a surprising number of stationary parking lot drops, causing damage to the fairings, and in extreme cases, puncturing the engine requiring replacement of the whole engine. The AltRider engineers improved upon the existing OEM protection bars by moving the locations of the bars out by 1.75” and up 2”, preventing an accidental roll over to the lights, as well as creating a resting angle that allows a rider to singlehandedly pick up a fallen bike.

The AltRider BMW K 1600 GT/GTL engine protection bars are ready to be released at the end of June 2012, taking pre-orders at With the buzz of the innovative K 1600 rising, AltRider has plans to release more items for this bike in the coming year.