Help Injured Racer Aaron Clark

Aaron Clark is a racer, a champion, and friend to anybody who rides a motorcycle. Generous to a fault, Aaron met many enthusiasts through his work for Aprilia in the early part of the decade, to his current position as a mechanic and tuner through Moto-Garage. Aaron's humble nature and outgoing spirit have inspired a website to assist with the considerable medical expenses resulting from a devastating accident during practice for an upcoming race. has been established to disseminate information, as a point of contact and well wishes, and most importantly a conduit to help Aaron's family with expenses. We ask all to do what they can to spread the word about the site. He has already undergone some surgery, and will need considerable attention in the near future.

Aaron hit an unprotected wall on the track after an uncharacteristic and still unexplained single vehicle accident. His injuries are substantial, including a broken pelvis, several other broken bones, and some bruising of his brain. Fast action on the track via another racer, and Aaron's own fighting spirit have push him through the weekend, but with many more weeks of recovery to come.

We ask Aaron's friends and acquaintances to consider a donation for Aaron out of respect for his positive attitude and desire to help anybody in the paddock, his enthusiasm, camaraderie and passion for motorcycles and the people who ride them. Aaron is often the first to offer a hand when it's needed, and the last to ask for help - so we are doing it for him.

Aaron's wife, Tedi, and his Brother-In-Law Scott Jensen will update everyone on Aaron's recovery through the site, and ask that communications flow through They appreciate the good thought and well wishes, and reflect Aaron's positive outlook and good humor.

About Aaron Clark:
New Zealander Aaron Clark won numerous club and regional Motocross and Supercross Championships in and around his homeland. When Aaron made the transition to roadracing in 1998, he was equally successful. In 1999, he received the Wildcard entry in the FIM Australian Grand Prix and went on to finish third in the Australian 250 GP Roadracing Championship. He came to America in 2000 and won the Aprilia Cup National Championship. In 2001 Aaron received a sponsored ride from Aprilia USA in Unlimited Superbike FUSA. Since then Aaron has been involved with numerous race teams.

Aaron currently holds the #1 plate in both the Masters of the Mountain Series (Utah) and Motorcycle Roadracing Association (Colorado). In 2008 Aaron defended his #1 plate in Utah, while competing in both Superbike and Superstock in the MRA and MoM series.

Aaron Clark is sponsored by Fay Myers Motorcycle World,, American Suzuki, Pirelli, Leo Vince, Parts Unlimited/SBS Brakes, GP Suspension, Penske,, Woodraft, Vortex, Dynojet, Suomy, Suzuka Tire Warmers, Cycle Cynch, Zero-Gravity, TAW Vechicle Concepts, and