Great Compact Camping Gear Essentials For Your Next Adventure In The Great Outdoors

Essentials that don’t take too much of your precious cargo space

motorcycle hard case
Bedding, shelter, coffee system, Bluetooth speaker system, and tools pack away easily in this single 39-liter clam-shell hard case.Jeff Allen

Trying to condense a packing list for a trip, especially a camping trip, can be a struggle for some (and admittedly for me). You don't always need five pairs of clothes, a parka, and two pairs of shoes for a two-night stay at a Holiday Inn by the beach. Rather than condensing your list, why not shrink down the size of some of those camping essentials? Some of the items that come to mind include a covered place to sleep, bedding, entertainment, cooking items, and tools. Below you will find some impressively compact items that will help you on your quest to pack light for your next great motorcycle camping adventure.

Kammock gear
The Roo Single, Kuhli Weather Shelter, and Python Straps (an additional extension to make your Roo Single go the distance between trees) packed down to size.Jeff Allen

Kammock Roo Single And Kuhli Weather Shelter
Roo Single: $69
Python 10 Straps: $29
Kuhli Weather Shelter: $169

A tent can be bulky and is a bit of a pain to set up. With the Roo Single hammock and the Kuhli Weather Shelter you only have a few straps to worry about in addition to finding two trees within close proximity to one another, otherwise, you are elevated and covered.

The Roo Single nylon hammock can hold up to 400 pounds and comes with assembling hardware that includes a Mini Kanga hook, Racer Slings (for securing to a post/tree), and a total of eight gear loops for convenient gear hanging. I might have a slight obsession with roll-tops, but this hammock also packs up in a nice water-resistant roll-top package.

Kammock gear
The assembled systems make sure you’re high and dry.Kammock

The Kuhli Weather Shelter is 108 inches by 144 inches of versatile coverage that has 10 connecting points to make it work with whatever setup you desire and four stakes to secure it. You won’t have to rely on your mad bowline or rolling hitch skills for this assembly because the system is knotless with pre-assembled hooks. It also claims “all-weather protection,” and like the Roo, comes with a lifetime warranty if you register it online.

Tents can range in prices depending on capacity and quality, but for great quality on your solo camping trip, you can get this Kammock setup for a grand total of $267.

sea to sea summit
I almost couldn’t believe that this was a whole sleeping setup. When packed, the pillow fits into the palm of your hand and the sleeping bag is about half the size of your average sleeping bag and is incredibly light.Jeff Allen

Very light, very compact, and just the right amount of warmth for that summer or fall road trip. The Spark SPII can keep you warm when temperatures drop to 35 degrees Fahrenheit with its goose down and nylon fabric that meet the EN 13537 standard (which is a European standard for sleeping bag temperature ratings). Snuggle in with the hood over your head and potato-sack-race hop into your Roo hammock and you are good to go.

The Aeros Pillow is another great addition to your campsite and when packed, can fit into the palm of your hand. Don't forget to snag a travel liner to not only keep the interior of your sleeping bag clean, but to add some thermal comfort while you catch some Zs. Prices are $39.95–$42.95 and $69.95 respectively.

Stanley bottle
A little nesting doll for coffee brewing. You have your pot with the filter inside, then the bottle nested within, and finally the two coffee cups at the top.Jeff Allen

I recently became a bit of a coffee addict (thank my boyfriend for that) but there is also something about camping that makes me want to wake up and absorb the surroundings while my body absorbs the caffeine. With the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System, you have pretty much everything you need—besides the heat (a Coghlans Folding Stove can provide the compact burner setup you need)—to brew your cup o' Joe. You have a pot with a collapsible handle, the french press, vacuum bottle, and two cups for sharing coffee with whoever might want to join in.

Kicker system
Crisp, clear sound, and the kicker (sorry) is you don’t have to worry if it decides to take a swim.Jeff Allen

If you are anything like me, you tend to want the chore of cleaning camp to go by as fast as possible, and that is usually sped up by cranking some music. This sound system from Kicker gives crisp 360-degree sound, so no matter which side of the speaker you dance on, you will hear The Struts motivating you from every angle. Pairing your device is simple via Bluetooth and the connection is clear for up to 100 feet, a microphone even allows the speaker to connect to your mobile device so you can literally have a quality speakerphone. Camping near a lake and want your beats close at hand? Well, the BF100 is completely waterproof and even floats. So rock on in the great outdoors, my friends, rock on.

leatherman pocket tool
Pliers, wire cutters, knives, saw, scissors, awl, ruler, can and bottle openers, files, and screwdrivers are included. The Surge is ready to help on not only your camping trip, but your day-to-day chores.Jeff Allen

A set of tools is highly recommended for your ride, whether you are camping or not, and what better way to take your toolbox with you than a multi-tool that has it all? From a can opener to pliers and everything in between, the Leatherman Surge packs plenty of tools you need and nothing you don't. When you need to rummage for kindling, the saw attachment can help with getting those branches down to size. For 21 tools you will be looking at spending $109.95.