Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way

A new book that shares a champion’s secrets for improving speed, handling and performance.

Riding a motorcycle at the championship level requires a combination of talent, determination, and the ability to master skills that deliver higher speeds and better results. No one understands this better than Troy Bayliss , winner of three World Superbike championships riding for Ducati in 2001, 2006, and 2008.

Just in time for Christmas is a new book entitled Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way, written by Bayliss with Sport Rider Senior Editor Andrew Trevitt. The book explains how the same techniques that took the Australian rider to the top ranks of motorcycle racing can help aspiring riders improve their performance on the street or track. Included are chapters devoted to visual skills, body positioning, line selection, steering, braking, and throttle control. And it also explains how bike setup and mental and physical conditioning can help riders find a faster way in any setting.

“The riding skills you learn will stay with you,” Bayliss notes in his introduction. “While expensive, sticky race tires and high-horsepower engines have a definite shelf life and need to be constantly replaced, once you learn something such as trail braking (gradually releasing the brakes as the bike is turned in), you will always be able to do it, and you will only get better at it with time and practice.”

The techniques and tips in Troy Bayliss: A Faster Way are illustrated with color photographs showing Troy applying them in action at the track. There are also diagrams and illustrations that explain the principles and technology behind each technique. And the book begins with a foreword by Paolo Ciabetti, who helped bring Troy to Ducati in 2000 and has remained an important influence ever since.

Whether you're a street rider, track-day rider, or aspiring racer, you're sure to benefit from Troy's insights on riding a motorcycle for maximum effect. To order, contact: