Traxxion Dynamics / Penske Suspension Stimulus Package

Traxxion Dynamics suspension is offering a heck of a deal. Upgrade your forks and shock for one low price!

If you've been longing to upgrade your bike's suspension, but you've been hesitant to spend the money due to the current economic crisis, Traxxion has the answer: A killer discount on a fork cartridge kit and racing shock combo!!!

Traxxion Dynamics is America's leader in high performance motorcycle suspension products, leading the way in technology with the world's first Gas-Charged racing fork cartridge kit available to the public, the "AK-Gas". Traxxion's products are Made in The U.S.A. with pride, and have won Championships all over the globe. Their quality, ease of use, and exceptional performance make them the brand of choice for both professionals and weekend warriors alike. All Traxxion products are supported by our phenomenal customer service department.

The name Penske is synonymous with racing. Penske Racing Shocks have conquered all forms of motorsport including Formula 1 Auto Racing, the pinnacle of technology and advancement. Also Made in The U.S.A., their testing and development takes the quickest path from the racetrack to your motorcycle.

Together, these two formidable companies are offering you a world-class suspension package, with a substantial discount to get your bike railing through the corners the way you want it to!

The package can be customized to your needs and budget, and includes your choice of the AK-20 Axxion Cartridge System or the AK-Gas installed in your forks. They will be returned ready to use on your bike, with either a Penske Model 8983 Racing Shock, or the Model 8987 "Triple Adjustable" Racing Shock Absorber. Both will be equipped with springs suited to your weight and intended use.

The "Canyon Carver Kit" includes the AK-20 (installed) and 8983 for $1575.00
The "Track Weapon Pack" includes the AK-20 and 8987 for $1775.00
The "Pro GP Pack" includes the AK-Gas and 8987 for $2775.00.

These deals off you the rider major savings over standard pricing!

Sale ends December 31st, 2009. Special only good for package deals, shipping costs not included. Details at Contact us:, or call (770) 592-3823.

Traxxion Dynamics