Fischer Flyer

The next American sportbike?

BEWARE BUELL...If Schaumburg, Illinois', Dan Fischer has his way, Lightnings and Firebolts won't be the only American sportbikes. And unlike Buell, which positions itself as the "ultimate back-road bike," the Fischer Motor Company's MR1000 V-twin sportbike aims directly at track-ready superbikes such as the Ducati 999 and Honda RC51 and incorporates loads of GP-inspired technology and componentry.

Fisher, a seasoned AMA Supersport and Superstock competitor, has contracted some of the biggest names in the field of motorcycle design to help him get this project off the ground. The design of the Fischer MR1000 was executed entirely by Glynn Kerr, the renowned British motorcycle designer who has collaborated with Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and every other major motorcycle OEM. Chassis-development and engineering is done by Wisconsin's Gemini Technology Systems, the same group that developed Harley-Davidson's VR1000 superbike. Suspension, brakes and other major component systems will be sourced from leading European and Asian manufacturers.

Fischer recently completed the first running prototype, which is currently undergoing testing. The prototype uses the same 60-degree, 1000cc Rotax-built V-twin that powers Aprilia's Mille, but Fischer hasn't yet announced his final engine choice. Don't expect the MR1000 to showcase lots of revolutionary design elements--Fischer is more interested in optimizing existing technology to create a functionally superior sportbike than pushing any design envelopes.

Motorcyclist is currently at work with Fischer on an in-depth development story chronicling the construction of this motorcycle, culminating in an exclusive first ride of the running prototype. Watch future issues for much more on the creation of what we hope will become America's first world-class superbike.

Aiming to be the best thing out of the Chicago area since the Blues Brothers, Hugh Hefner or even Da Bulls (of late-1980s/early '90s fame), this new bike--the Fischer Motor Company's MR1000--will pair top-of-the-line components and a big-bore V-twin with racy good looks in what seems a legitimate attempt to build a true track-ready American sportbike.
Seen here in near-final prototype form, the Fisher MR1000 looks ready to go. Look for a full report soon.