FIRST LOOK: 2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro Mini Motorcycle

Kawasaki Wants You To Feel Like A Kid Again With The Z125

2017 Kawasaki Z125 Pro Mini Motorcycle
Early-release 2017 Z125 Pro from Team Green will surely be compared to the other Little Red machine.©Motorcyclist

Do you remember your first motorcycling experience? Of course you do. For most riders, the memory of that first trip on two wheels is as vivid as your first kiss.

The simple joy of riding is what Kawasaki's new Z125 Pro is all about. Due to hit showrooms this June with a price tag of just $2,999, Team Green's littlest streetbike is aimed at new riders as well as anyone that just want something simple and fun.

Kawasaki Sugomi Streetfighters: Z125, Z800, Z1000
The Z125 joins the Z800 and Z1000 in Kawasaki’s “Z” family, and shares similar styling cues. The littlest Z will be available in Candy Lime Green (classic!) and Metallic Graphite Grey.©Motorcyclist

Powered by a 125cc, fuel-injected, four-speed, SOHC single, the Z125 has a welcoming 30.7-inch seat height and stated wet weight of just 225 pounds with its 2-gallon tank topped off. The bike rolls on 12-inch split-spoke wheels that sport solid petal rotors, each of which is squeezed by what looks to be a single-piston caliper. Don’t expect massive braking force from those pinchers, but then again, you probably won’t need it on a bike that’s likely to have a top speed of just 55 mph or so.

2017 Z125 enhaust
No can hanging off the side of the Z125 Pro. This mini gets an under-engine muffler with a stainless tip.©Motorcyclist

That’s an inverted fork up front (albeit mighty spindly), and the offset shock is prominently displayed on the Z’s right flank. Everything hangs from a steel-backbone frame, which appears to be clad in plastic panels intended to give the chassis a twin-spar appearance. Passenger pegs mean you can pick up chicks (or do stand-up wheelies), and the pointy chin spoiler and under-engine exhaust give the bike a properly sporty look.

2017 Z125 dash
That’s quite the dash for such a small bike. That big analog tachometer (and 9,750-rpm redline) get a big thumbs up. We’ve long said that every bike should have a gear-position indicator. This bike does. We like it already.©Motorcyclist

If at this point you're thinking that the Z125's shape looks familiar, you're right. The little Kawasaki rolls onto a small-bike scene dominated by Honda's $3,199 Grom, which arrived in the US in 2014. Riders of all ages have had Grom Fever (click here to see the Honda Grom review) ever since, and Kawasaki is surely hoping to cash in on some of the mania.

2017 Z125 seat
The one-piece saddle looks to have fairly inviting accommodations for a passenger.©Motorcyclist

What sort of things do we expect owners to do with their Z125s? Commute to school and work, sure. But if the Grom is any indication, the Z125 will likely be a popular choice for mini racing (click here to watch Grom Racing), and surely somebody will try to replicate Gromkhana (watch the original here) on green bikes. Maybe it'll be us?

Z125 Z-shaped taillight
My, what a nice little backside you have! That’s an LED taillight, in a shape that’s common across Kawasaki’s sporting lineup.©Motorcyclist