Element Soft-Tec Folio Ducati Case For iPad | MC TESTED

Classy protection for your Apple product

Element Case has made a name for itself hawking stylish smartphone and tablet cases made from premium materials. With a reputation for quality and exclusivity—and a penchant for red—it makes sense that Element would team up with Ducati to offer a line of co-branded products for Apple's iPhone 5/5s and iPad series.

This Soft-Tec Folio case is a classy item. It has a stitched cover and hinge flap, and the entire piece is embossed with a fine diamond pattern and a rubberized coating. Ducati logos are subtly stamped on the front and back, for which you pay $10 on top of the standard Folio’s $60 price. For protection, there’s a plastic frame that snaps onto the iPad and covers the corners and sides up to screen level. Access to buttons and jacks is preserved thanks to cutouts in the frame. The inside of both the case and cover are lined with a soft synthetic suede.

The Folio feels good in your hands and has kept the family iPad mini in like-new condition, but after four months of use (my wife puts it in her purse daily) the rubberized coating has worn off of the case’s corners, revealing the shiny plastic beneath. In terms of function, my only complaint is that the iPad tends to slide forward when propped up, and it sometimes falls flat while you’re typing on the screen. A traction strip of some sort would be useful, as would a snap or magnet to keep the cover closed.


Price: $70
Contact: elementcase.com


Beautiful, expensive, and a little finicky—kind of like a Ducati!