Editor Boehm Of Motorcyclist Magazine - Last Page

Changing Of The Guard

It had been a long, abusive stint at the helm of Motorcyclist. Fresh-faced Editor Boehm arrived at the job in 1993, full of outlandish ideas, youthful exuberance and self-righteous contempt for the evil publishing overlords.

Freshly sharpened Ticonderoga #2 in hand, Boehm set out on a quest to breathe new life into the magazine, a nearly century-old title that had been observed to descend into the trees trailing ominous smoke countless times in the past...only to reappear in an afterburner climb with some new jackass gripping the stick. This time it was young Boehm: gifted, enthusiastic...dangerous.

The years wore on, eroding his soul like an endless Extrude Hone process. Gradually, the sweet nectar of youth was replaced by the bitter, caustic acid of near-middle age.

How could Boehm, a noted hothead, ride it out so long-through four different parent companies? Industry insiders were baffled.

And still Boehm kept the editorial twistgrip pinned. Sliding, slewing, grinding, his editorial sensibilities mirroring the sick horror show of abuse that was his habit with countless testbikes that felt the withering sting of his malevolence.

No one knows what triggered the change. Maybe not even the Butcher himself. Perhaps through the bottom of a tequila shooter, his gaze drifted to an open closet door in his double-wide trailer, settling for a moment on a stockpile of free gloves 13 years in the making. Yes, it was finally time.

"Catterson seems eager," Boehm thought to himself. "Perhaps I should call him. Maybe I can sweeten the deal with a pair or two of free gloves..." Indeed.