Dunlop's current Sportmax Q3 and Q3+ tires are good, but they aren't quite up to par with other options on the market. That's changed with the all-new Sportmax Q4. Aimed squarely at Pirelli and its racy Diablo Supercorsa SP V2, the Sportmax Q4 levels the playing field by incorporating more track-grade grip and feedback. Available only in America and in big-bike sizes for now, the Q4 borrows features from its competition slick, including Jointless Tread Technology—a manufacturing process in which rubber is printed in bands around the tire's carcass. A new, uniform compound solution performs in a wider range of temperatures, especially in sweltering, knee-puck-melting conditions.

Road-legal tires built for the trackBrian J. Nelson

Since it's a pure performance trackday option, tread is few and far between. Like the rest of the Dunlop Sportmax family, warm-up time is nearly instantaneous. Big D's shoes have a pleasing contour, and the taller 200/60-section rear made our YZF-R1 handle almost as nimbly as an R6. Edge grip is great, but not quite as solid as the Supercorsa SP V2. But what the Q4 misses in grip, it makes up for in rider feedback. Simply put, there isn't a street tire that's more communicative or that allows a rider to flirt as aggressively with the astounding cornering performance of a modern-day superbike. Power slides are easier to control, and the front hoop has just the right amount of flex for deep-trail braking. If you're the kind of rider who values feel over everything, you've found your next sport tire.

Dunlop's new Sportmax Q4 tire offers even more track-grade grip and is positioned one level above the existing Sportmax Q3+ tire.Brian J. Nelson
The Sportmax Q4 tire has a little more give (the good kind) than we remember with the Q3+. This boosts precious rider feel and makes it easier to flirt with the tire's lofty adhesion limits.Brian J. Nelson
Former AMA Superbike rider, Taylor Knapp was recently hired by Dunlop as a test rider. His first project is this Sportmax Q4. We'd say he did well.Brian J. Nelson
The Sportmax Q4 front tire has a huge footprint. Feel and sensation under load is second to none for a road legal tire.Brian J. Nelson


Grade: A
Summary: Developed for sport riders seeking the utmost in road feel and handling feedback.
Price: $201.27-$358.86