Custom Chrome to Host "Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building"

Custom Chrome and American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) team up to create the "Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building."

Custom Chrome and American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) magazine have created an event they are dubbing the "Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building." The inauguaral event is to be held in conjunction with the Custom Chrome/ Motorcycle Stuff U.S. Dealer Show in October.

The U.S. event will be an extension of American Motorcycle Dealer's existing AMD ProShow Bike Builder contest series held in Europe. AMD is a European trade magazine for dealers who sell American motorcycles to the continent. The AMD ProShow has been held in March of each year since 2002 in conjunction with Custom Chrome Europe (CCE) at its European Dealer Show in Germany. Entrants in AMD's annual custom bike builder contest are entirely industry professionals from the v-twin sector—Harley-Davidson and independent custom dealers, full-time professional custom bike builders, and parts and accessory distributors and manufacturers.

With unprecedented interest in custom-motorcycle building, Custom Chrome and AMD believed that Europe's best customs should be stacked up against the top American creations, and the World Championship concept was hatched.

With the series expanding into the U.S., AMD's March event will now be termed the European Championship, and the top bikes in that event will be invited to attend the World Championship event at Custom Chrome's Morgan Hill, California headquarters in the fall—all expenses paid. In addition, Custom Chrome and AMD are hoping that the event title and the $25,000 winner's purse (with an additional $25,000 in cash also to be awarded) will attract entries from other parts of the world.

The event is open to all brands of motorcycles, and there is no requirement that any Custom Chrome components be used. The judges will be members of the international motorcycle press. The event will be open for a day on the weekend of October 9-10 to the public, free of charge. There is is a $100 entry fee for entries in Freestyle category, which is the top of three classes. The other two are OEM and HR# Kitbike.

Further details and entry forms can be found at This site was just a place-holder as this article was posted, but we have bdeen assured taht it will be functional within the week.

The full release on the event follows.

_Press Release from Robin Bradley, founder, owner and publisher of American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD)

Santa Ana, CA - May 18th, 2004. American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) and Custom Chrome, team-up to bring the "Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building" to the Custom Chrome/ Motorcycle Stuff US Dealer Show in October 2004.

Leading international trade journal American Motorcycle Dealer (AMD) is proud to announce an extension to its existing and exciting AMD ProShow Bike Builder contest and program.

The AMD ProShow is to be held in the United States for the first time; being presented by Custom Chrome at their annual dealer show in October 2004.

Held each year since 2002 in conjunction with Custom Chrome Europe (CCE) at their European Dealer Show (in Germany in March each year), and is believed to have the only annual custom bike builder contest whose entrants are entirely industry professionals from the v-twin sector. Namely authorized Harley-Davidson and independent custom dealers, full-time professional custom bike builders, and parts and accessory distributors and manufacturers.

The concept originated as a new feature to the CCE Dealer Show that provided AMD and CCE with a specifically `trade' oriented platform and opportunity to recognize the increasingly impressive custom bike design and engineering standards being achieved by Europe's dealer and professional custom bike building community.

The recent background to customizing in Europe is one which has seen the industry cast-off an historical focus on heritage, restoration and imitative styles of custom bike design and building, and seen the emergence since the mid-1990s of a specifically European oriented custom style and aesthetic.

This evolution has been stimulated in no small part by the high standards of custom design and engineering quality required by the stringent regulations governing road-legal status in Europe in general, and Germany in particular. For some time now leading American and American based custom building professionals such as Arlen and Cory Ness, Paul Yaffe, Donnie Smith, John Reed, Cyril Huze, Dave Perewitz and Rick Doss among others have recognized and paid tribute to the standards and ideas that have been coming out of Europe.

At the 2004 AMD ProShow at the CCE Dealer Show in Germany, John Reed said: "When I first came into this business I looked up to and learned from the older guys who had been doing it for years; now that I'm one of the 'old guys' I find I'm learning again, this time from a new breed of Europeans who are doing things that my generation would never have thought of."

Arlen and Cory Ness, who were also among the judges at the 2004 European AMD ProShow, even went so far as to create, name and present their own award honouring the standards they have come to expect from contemporary European builders.

Recent years have also seen several European builders achieving notable successes at leading US bike shows; not least at Daytona in general, and at the legendary Rats Hole Show in particular.

Always on the look-out for good content, many leading US custom magazines and their editors have given high profile and greatly valued and appreciated exposure to examples of European custom building.

As with AMD's popular coverage of the European 'scene', this has made a major contribution to raising the profile of European builders in the United States. The US custom press is to be applauded for its preparedness to cast the net wide and far for examples of great custom building. Editors in the United States have repeatedly shown that they are prepared to seek out and showcase great work and craftsmanship wherever it comes from. Something that is very much in keeping with the unique spirit of this very special sector of a very special industry.

In turn the increased profile and popularity of what is now widely recognized as a specifically European style of custom design and engineering has had several knock-on consequences. It has had a definite effect on the direction of custom design thinking in the United States and has stimulated a corresponding increase in US exposure and demand for some of the high-tech parts and accessory designs that have been becoming increasingly available from European parts designers and manufacturers.

Both in Europe and the United States, Custom Chrome (CC) has been in the vanguard of aiding the growth of this phenomenon. Not only by providing a stage for the AMD ProShow at their dealer show in Europe, but also by bringing European made parts and accessory inventory into their US catalog and warehouses.

The decision by Custom Chrome to expand on the existing AMD ProShow concept by now bringing it to their own US dealer show therefore represents a logical next stage in the firm's thinking.

Based as it is entirely on the proven success of the formula in Europe, it will now give both AMD, as a leading dealer magazine for the sector, and Custom Chrome as a leading parts and accessory distributor, an opportunity to associate themselves with worldwide v-twin custom building excellence.

The Custom Chrome Dealer Show at their Morgan Hill, California worldwide headquarters (October 8th, 9th and 10th, 2004) provides a ready-made and well-established trade based event at which to present the AMD ProShow.

The winners and other leading contestants and their bikes from the March 2004 European

leg' of what now can now become a truly

Official Championship' will, at Custom Chrome's expense, be flown to California to compete against the best that the US bike building community can field in what can therefore be viewed as an `Official World Championship'.

In Europe the Custom Chrome Dealer Show attracts between 70 and up to a historical high so far of 92 professionally built v-twins of all styles and of varying degrees of `radical'.

It is impossible to estimate at this stage how many bikes will be attracted to the inaugural AMD ProShow World Championship in the United States; nor to guess just how the event will develop in years to come, but AMD founder, publisher and owner Robin Bradley said of the announcement: "I am very proud to see this event coming to the United States; and appreciative of Custom Chrome's decision to agree to present the inaugural `World Championship of Bike Building' at their prestigious annual US Dealer Show.

"From our point of view we are very happy to be associated with Custom Chrome in the context of this event; they are a natural partner for us. Having had a three-year track record with them in Europe, and as a firm that has made a big effort to make European designed parts and accessories available to v-twin sector dealers worldwide, the synergy between us for this logical next stage is irresistible".

"In Europe the AMD ProShow has previously been unofficially acknowledged as, in effect, the

European Championship of Bike Building'. And from now on it will officially become so. As a leading parts and accessory distributor in the United States, and as hosts of one of the sector's most important and longest established events, Custom Chrome are uniquely and ideally positioned to present what can now, because of the European angle, be confidently branded as

The Official World Championship of Bike Building'. "On behalf of everyone at AMD and all our readers I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Custom Chrome for their vision in taking this concept forward, and for the generosity and scale of their commitment to the project. A top cash prize of $25,000.00, and total cash prize fund of nearly $50,000.00 is a major and unprecedented investment that hallmarks both the resources the company intends to bring to bear on the AMD ProShow, and reflects their enthusiasm in sharing with AMD and the rest of the world's motorcycle press the opportunity to showcase market excellence at an historical high in the public profile and popularity of custom bike building".

"While this will no doubt result in great exposure for Custom Chrome, in my view the company is to be congratulated in seeking to associate itself with an event that will also bring profile and positive exposure for a great sector of a great industry."

For further information on this event, please visit the event website at:

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Anima is the current European champion.
Like Anima and Red Dog, Hot Climbing will get an all-expenses trip to California to face off against America's best custom motorcycles.
Red Dog was one of the top three in Europe this March.