Cold Fusion


Working for a motorcycle manufacturer definitely has its perks. As visual evidence, check out this photo of Triumph North America Marketing Manager Jim Callahan's Daytona 675. Note that it's white-"Fusion White," Callahan would hasten to correct-a color that's not shown along with the Graphite, Tornado Red and Scorched Yellow offerings in the 2006 catalog. "So what?" you say. "There's a painter near Triumph's U.S. HQ in Newnan, Georgia." Uh-uh: Jim worked his connections and had his bike's bodywork sprayed to order in the British factory's paint shop. So now he's got the only official Fusion White 675 in existence. We're happy to report that he rode a standard testbike while dicing with the Butcher at Barber Motorsports Park last weekend.