Chris Carr Pilots The Bub Racing Streamliner - Checkers

350 Miles Per Hour!

It took seven-time AMA Grand National Champion Chris Carr several months and numerous trips to Utah's famed Bonneville Salt Flats to creep up next to the two-wheeled land speed record of 322 mph held since 1990 by Dave Campos. Velocities increased incrementally as Carr familiarized himself with the 500-horsepower Bub Racing streamliner's high-speed handling, while owner Denis Manning-who'd built seven such two-wheeled rocket ships during his nearly 40 years of LSR competition-inched closer to the optimum engine and chassis setups.

But on September 5, 2006 Carr piloted the turbocharged, 3000cc V-four-powered carbon-fiber streamliner to a two-way average speed of 350.8 mph-thereby becoming the latest fastest man on two wheels. "It was unreal," Carr said afterward. "It took us 2.6 miles to hit 300 mph, then another mile and a half to slow down!"

"It feels good," Manning said later. "We're the fastest motorcycle on the planet."

The record was first broken two days earlier by Rocky Robinson, who drove his Team Top One Oil Ack Attack streamliner-powered by twin 1300cc turbocharged Suzuki engines-to a speed of 342 mph. But Carr's runs of 354 and 347 mph two days later nudged the number higher still.

"I'm feeling pretty good," Carr added. "I'm comparing my emotions right now to the first time I won a Grand National at Peoria [Illinois] in '86. It's an unbelievable feeling."

In setting the record, Carr joined two other famous American motorcycle racers who wore the title of Fastest Man on Two Wheels. In 1970 Cal Rayborn drove a Harley-Davidson streamliner to 265 mph. And Don Vesco set the record twice, once in '75 on a Yamaha at 303 mph and again in '78 on a Kawasaki at 318 mph.