Cafe Society - Cafe Racer Culture

Mike Seate's new film documenting the rebirth of cafe racer culture

Our big buddy Mike Seate has been a fan of cafe racer culture since the early eighties, when he was probably the only African-American in the country sporting a pompadour and playing in a rockabilly band. He's been collecting cafe racer experiences ever since, building and riding a Triton, traveling many times to England's Ace Cafe to attend Rocker reunions, and recently launching his own magazine, Cafe Racer, to speak to the new generation of cafe racing converts.

In addition to his publishing exploits, Seate, a noted television personality, has also been documenting the cafe culture on camera. The fruits of that labor are now available to the public in the form of a new, full-length documentary called "Cafe Society." Two years in the making, "Cafe Society," was filmed on location throughout the UK, Europe and U.S. by crews from Chet Burks Productions, with input and interviews by Seate himself. Seate's film is packed with rare, historical footage and interviews with seminal cafe bike builders including Dave Degens, Ian Kennedy, Erik Buell and others, as well riveting accounts from surviving Rockers and Ton-Up Boys.

With a well-chosen rockabilly soundtrack, and a broad scope that captures not only the bikes, but also the fashion, culture and customs that defined the cafe lifestyle, "Cafe Society" is a must-see for old-time fans as well as modern-day revivalists ready to reignite the rocker spirit. Visit to view more trailers and find out how to purchase your own copy, available now for $24.95.