BMW Motorrad Rider Training Program

Room for improvement?

It doesn't matter how good a rider you think you are, there is always room for improvement - just ask any professional motorcycle racer. As BMW bikes have become increasingly powerful and sporty, the BMW Motorrad Rider Training program has developed to cater to a new breed of motorcyclists who want to discover the joy of riding their BMW sports bikes at full power on a racetrack. And where better to unleash the full potential of bikes such as the 167 hp K 1200 S or the R 1200 S sports boxer than the legendary Nrburgring?

Legendary' is an often-overused word but when talking about the Nrburgring's Nordschleife there is no other word that does it justice. The 20.8-kilometer circuit includes 73 corners and is widely accepted as one the most challenging stretches of tarmac in the world. There is nowhere else like it and in order to get the most from your machine and the circuit, quality tuition from BMW's highly experienced instructors is vital, as they know every twist and turn of the


Taking place on 28-30 August 2007, BMW Motorrad's two-day racetrack training course at the Nrburgring Nordschleife will teach you how to master one of the most beautiful but also one of the most demanding racetracks in the world. Furthermore, you won't have to share the

Green Hell' (as Formula 1 hero Jackie Stewart described it) with the usual cars, buses and other motorcycle

track day' operators, because BMW Motorrad Rider Training has exclusive use of the circuit for this course.

Make sure you have plenty of life in your tires for this unforgettable experience, which often results in riders returning year after year to the grand old circuit for more track action. On your own bike, you will undertake both theoretical and practical sessions in small groups of no more than eight riders in order to learn correct cornering, throttle and braking techniques, focusing specifically on the braking points required on this exciting circuit. Guided laps then give you the opportunity to explore the various sections and show what you and your machine are capable of. As an added bonus, there is also the opportunity to test ride the latest BMW Motorrad models.

The price of 995 includes two nights with full board in an exclusive hotel close to the circuit, the theory and practical riding course, test rides of current BMW Motorrad models, and insurance. Participants will need to bring a complete set of motorcycle protective clothing (helmet, boots, gloves and back protector if necessary) as there is no on-site rental service. To view more details, please visit

Experience the Salzburgring

BMW is also organizing a track-based course (28-29 June) at the Austrian Salzburgring circuit, which is tucked away in a beautiful valley not far from the town of Salzburg. The 4.2 km circuit combines fast flowing sections with challenging Alpine twists and turns, and the course is aimed at improving your riding ability, while making sure you have a fantastic time with memories that will last for ever.

The Salzburgring circuit's long straights offer riders the opportunity to experience high-speed riding, and on a specially cordoned-off track section, braking maneuvers are practiced in small groups, as well as cornering techniques and choosing the best lines for fast riding. The highlight of the program is guided full laps on the circuit, allowing you to apply what you have learned in practice. The price of 390 includes an overnight stay with full board in an exclusive hotel, theory and practical riding exercises, test rides of current BMW Motorrad models, and insurance. The same rider clothing requirements apply as per the Nrburgring course. To find out more, please visit =

Of course all this track experience won't go to waste once you and your BMW are back on the roads, because as well as being fantastic fun, track riding can provide you with the skills to become a much better road rider. The lessons learned all apply on the roads and will make you a more skilful, confident rider with a much better understanding of both your own and your bike's abilities.