BikeMaster's Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly

Make parking your motorcycle a little easier.

BikeMaster has announced that they are adding one more dolly to their lineup and this time it is adjustable. The new BikeMaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly is perfect for parking your motorcycle in a crowded garage or small storage space and gives you more parking options than before.

Bikemaster Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly
BikeMaster's dolly makes it easy for you to move your motorcycle around your garage.Photo Courtesy of BikeMaster

Measuring 65-inch total length and able to handle 1,100-pound capacity, the adjustable motorcycle dolly is more stable than full-length dollies and features high-quality wheels and bearings for easier movement. It takes up less space than other dollies when not in use and is made from 8 mm heavy-duty, laser-cut plate steel. The kickstand arm adjusts to fit most motorcycles where the center of the rear wheel to kickstand measures 34-50 inches. It also has two aluminum diamond plates to protect and ensure the dolly stays in great shape.

Find a Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice dealer near you to get the dolly for $249.95.