The Best Commuter Mods for the Yamaha FZ-09 Motorcycle

Prepping the FZ-09 for the daily commute.

Yamaha FZ-09
The 2017 Yamaha FZ-09.Photo: Motorcyclist

For 2017, Yamaha had the unenviable task of improving the ever-popular FZ-09. Well, the tuning fork brand succeeded: improved suspension, better throttle response, a comfier seat, and the inclusion of ABS and traction control mostly alleviate the shortcomings of the previous generation. No wonder it's been a runaway success and proven to be a great daily rider. Prep it for the daily commute with these suggested mods.

If you've got a '14–'16 FZ-09, it's worth checking out Motorcyclist's Doin' Time section, detailing Ari's time with the bike, by clicking here. If you're looking to modify that model, we'd suggest improving suspension, throttle response and overall comfort before worrying about commuter-specific mods.


Yamaha FZ-09
SW-Motech Kobra handguards ($172): like brass knuckles for your bike.Photo: SW MOTECH

Handguards: Whether you're fighting road-ragey drivers on the BQE or lane-splitting on The 10, a sturdy pair of dirtbike-inspired handguards to keep your levers protected is a good idea. SW-Motech's Kobras have a strong aluminum rib and a full-coverage plastic guard to keep your hands out of harm's way. Optional integrated turn signals are available to replace the stock front stalks.

Yamaha FZ-09
Woodcraft frame sliders ($70) are a cost-effective way to protect your bike.Photo: Woodcraft

Engine/frame protection: Rush hour traffic is rife with chances for a low-speed tip-over. Frame sliders, such as this affordable pair from Woodcraft, can prevent costly damage to your bike's bodywork and frame. For added peace of mind, GB Racing covers, made from a high-impact Nylon composite, bolt over the stock engine covers.

Yamaha FZ-09
GB Racing covers ($320) are available as a Yamaha factory accessory.Photo: GB Racing


Yamaha FZ-09
FZ-09 Sport Screen ($200), available as a Yamaha Factory Accessory.Photo: Yamaha

Consider a windscreen, such as the FZ-09 Sport Screen, to cut down on buffeting at speed. If you commute in cool weather, windscreens are also great at flowing cold air over your head instead of having icy air blast you in your face and chest. Of course, if staying warm on your commute is an issue, Yamaha also sells heated grips that will make you wonder how you ever got on without them.

Yamaha FZ-09
Having toasty mitts on a cool autumnal ride is worth the $120 Yamaha asks for these easy-to-install heated grips.Photo: Yamaha


Yamaha FZ-09
This Akrapovic Racing Exhaust ($1,170) is one of the Slovenian brand’s options for the FZ-09.Photo: Motorcyclist

Exhaust System: Frame sliders and windscreens are functional items for the daily commute, but they aren't the most exciting mods in the world. A high-quality EPA/ECE-compliant exhaust system, on the other hand, is a bit dreamier and a good entry point to performance modifications. Besides, if commuting on a motorcycle was solely about convenience and functionality, it would be easier to just take a car, right? Akropovic exhaust systems are worth a look, though as you'd expect they tend to be on the pricey side. Yamaha Factory Accessories includes a Yoshimura system ($990) that's another great option.