Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oilers

MC Picks 4 oilers that will automatically keep your bike chain lubed.

Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oilers
Motorcyclist's guide to Automatic Chain OilersAnimated GIF by Kathleen Conner

O-ring chains come with lubrication sealed into the high-load pin/bushing interface, but the outside of the chain still needs a dose of lube now and then. For those riders who disdain the mess of doing this chore themselves, automatic chain oilers take the mess and hassle out of the job. Here are four auto-oilers that will keep your chain lubed and your hands clean.

Chameleon chain oiler
The Chameleon automatic chain oiler is an electronically controlled gravity-feed unit.©Motorcyclist

Cameleon Oiler
The Cameleon chain oiler is a gravity-fed, electronically controlled device that automatically provides a 3-minute cycle of controlled oiling when you turn on the ignition. Electrical drain stops when you shut off the engine, and a microprocessor memory chip saves the latest configuration for the next start-up cycle. ($139.99,

Loobman chain oiler
The Loobman kit dispenses oil with the push of a button or simply by squeezing the bottle. No electronics or vacuum hook-up is required.©Motorcyclist

Loobman Chain Luber
The gravity-fed Loobman feeds lubricating oil into the delivery tube when you push the button on the bottle, or just squeeze the bottle itself. The length of the tube determines how much oil is applied, and how long it takes. No connection to wiring or vacuum is necessary. A speedy fast-flow remote control is included. ($47.00,

Scottoiler chain oiler
The Scottoiler eSystem requires battery connection to power the triple-axis accelerometer that senses vibration and movement to trigger oil flow.©Motorcyclist

Scottoiler eSystem
The Scottoiler eSystem senses vibration and movement with a triple-axis accelerometer. With the engine running and power on, the eSystem triggers oil flow, and has a screen that monitors the flow rate, the temperature in Celsius, the oil level, and the accelerometer readout in Gs. Scottoiler says installation takes about an hour and requires connecting the wiring loom to the battery. ($289.95,

Tutoro Auto Pro chain oiler
Tutoro's autonomous oiling system is triggered by inertia and directional changes but does not splice into the motorcycle's electrical or vacuum system.©Motorcyclist

Tutoro Auto Pro
The Auto Pro is an autonomous self-actuation system that uses the inertia and normal direction changes of the bike to trigger oil flow. There's no need to splice into the bike's wiring or vacuum hoses; it starts working as soon as you start riding, and stops when you do. Tutoro says installation takes about 45 minutes and requires no special tools. ($140.00,